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  • Lionel Messi responds to question on whether Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets will join him at Inter Miami
Former Barcelona teammates could join Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi responds to question on whether Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets will join him at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi has opened up about former Barcelona teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets' joining him at Inter Miami this summer.

Alba and Busquets recently brought the curtains down on their illustrious spell at Barcelona. The duo will leave as a free agent upon the expiration of their contracts.


90min reported that Busquets might be closing in on a move to Inter Miami.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has now joined Inter Miami has he is set to leave Paris Saint-Germain at the expiration of his contract later this month. In an interview with SPORT, the Argentine was asked about Busquets and Alba potentially joining him at the club.

He replied:

"It is another of the things they said, that I was going with Busi and Jordi to Arabia, that we had everything arranged. Everyone looks for their future. I obviously was aware of them, what they were going to do, but, but never at any moment did we agree to go anywhere together."

He added:

"I made my decision for myself and I don't know what they are going to do. Mine was a bit thinking about everything that we talked about during this entire interview. And no, I have nothing set up with anyone."

Lionel Messi has shared the pitch with Busquets the most as a teammate (567 times) during his career. They combined for 23 goals as well. He shared the pitch 345 times with Alba, combining for 34 goals.

Inter Miami star claimed that the club are not ready for Lionel Messi


Inter Miami goalkeeper Nick Marsman recently shared his honest thoughts about Lionel Messi's move to the club. The Miami-based side are currently rock bottom in the Major League Soccer.

They are relative newcomers to the league as well. The club's financial prowess is not as good as the clubs that Messi has previously represented in his career. Marsman pointed that out, telling ESPN:

"I personally think that this club is not ready for Messi's arrival. We have a temporary stadium, people can just walk on the pitch, there are no gates. We also leave for the stadium without security. I think they aren't ready. But I hope he comes."

Lionel Messi's move, though, should help Inter Miami broaden their fanbase, which could help the team's financial situation.

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