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  • “Ronaldo’s influence is bigger than Messi’s legacy” - Fans go wild as DJ Mario does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siuu celebration at Camp Nou
Fans are drawing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi comparison

“Ronaldo’s influence is bigger than Messi’s legacy” - Fans go wild as DJ Mario does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siuu celebration at Camp Nou

Fans went berserk and rough on a Lionel Messi reference after DJ Mario performed Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic siuu celebration at the Camp Nou. The celebration came after Mario scored from the spot in a Kings Cup game.

While he performed the siuu celebration, the Camp Nou crowd surprisingly joined in with him. Considering the general disdain Barcelona faithful had for Ronaldo during the Portuguese's time at Real Madrid, the act might be a bit surprising.


One fan claimed that Ronaldo has had a bigger influence than the Argentine on the beautiful game, tweeting:

"Ronaldo’s influence alone is bigger than Messi’s legacy."

Ronaldo's superstardom transcends his incredible on-field achievements. He's one of the most followed personalities in the world and has often been mimicked by his admirers and fellow celebrities.

Here are some of the best reactions across Twitter as DJ Mario performed Ronaldo's siuu celebration at the Camp Nou:

@totalcristiano Ronaldo’s influence alone is bigger than Messi’s legacy
@totalcristiano No way Penaldo will be more known for a celebration than any of his achievements
@totalcristiano He's still got the streets
@totalcristiano Ronaldo gone and still hunting camp Nou goat stuff
@totalcristiano Breaking: Camp Zoo shouting it owner’s celebration
@totalcristiano Shame on you messi fans lol 🤣
Today, at Camp Nou in front of 90 thousand fans, DjMario doing Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration and fans applauding.

Mesut Ozil recently named Cristiano Ronaldo as GOAT ahead of Lionel Messi

Former Real Madrid and Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil recently announced his retirement from club football. The German was asked by MARCA about his opinion on his former teammate Ronaldo. Ozil said:

"It was a lot of fun playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, who, for me, is the best player of all time," Ozil told the Spanish publication. "We both understood each other very well on the pitch, it was perfect. I attended and he scored. Giving passes to a player who almost never missed was a gift."

This is not the first time Ozil has named Ronaldo as the better player between the duo. When quizzed about the topic in 2021, Ozil wrote:

"Messi has proven himself to be one of the best ever in Spain, but Ronaldo was always the best in every country he's played in!"

Ozil had a glorious career for club and country. The 2014 FIFA World Cup winner is one of the finest playmakers of this generation, and in his heyday, had the ability to trouble any defence.

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