Cobra Kai skins have become sweaty (Image via Epic Games)

3 Fortnite skins sweaty players can't resist (& 3 they absolutely loathe)

By now, most Fortnite players are familiar with sweats. Many consider them to be the biggest downside to the game. There are several ways to identify a sweat. For example, if players immediately begin cranking 90s after one shot is fired at them, they're pretty sweaty. Another key indicator is often their skin.

There are infamously sweaty skins in the game, with soccer skins being almost synonymous with sweats. There are several others and there are also skins that they hate and would never use.


Fortnite skins sweats use and a few they'd never be seen in

Sweats love these


3) Default skin

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Once the Item Shop added Default skins, there was no going back. Sweats often used no skin in their locker so they would appear as one of the random default skins the game has.


After buying and choosing which one to look like, that became even more common. There has been a persistent glitch in the game, causing everyone to look like a Default skin. If they're legitimately wearing one, they're a sweat.

if you’re not rockin with my default skin in fortnite you’re not rockin with me
11:46 AM · Jan 3, 2022

2) Cobra Kai


Any of the Cobra Kai skins that were released recently have become sweaty. They are quickly becoming the soccer skins of this chapter. Most players will avoid the Cobra Kai skin when they see one.

I sense new sweat skins
#FortniteChapter3 #CobraKai…
Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

Rep your favorite Cobra Kai Dojo with the new Cobra Kai Set!
7:33 AM · Dec 30, 2021

1) Crystal

The Crystal skin has quickly become one of the most sweaty skins in the game. Many pros like Clix and Bugha have used this skin, making it extremely popular.


Sweats despise these

3) Most Tier 100 skins

Perhaps it's because they require work to get to, or perhaps for another reason, sweats generally don't use the top skins from battle passes.

Spider-Man might be the exception. But skins like Carnage, Iron Man, and Midas are generally not sweaty. Sweats tend to use other skins, so these skins are usually safe, regular players.

Which Tier 100 skin do you prefer Iron Man or Eternal Knight?
( #Fortnite #FortniteNexusWar )
9:40 AM · Sep 30, 2020

2) Big Chuggus

Big Chuggus is one of the biggest and bulkiest skins in the game. Sweats typically like to use smaller, less apparent skins. They prefer not to be seen as much, so using big bulky skins like this will not help them.

Sweats typically don't use big skins like Big Chuggus (Image via Epic Games)

1) Dark Voyager

The Dark Voyager is an OG skin, but sweat typically doesn't bother flexing it. This skin has orange accents that make it stand out anywhere on the map. This makes it easier to identify players and sweats usually try to avoid being noticed.

Yo if you've got the Dark Voyager skin on Fortnite Battle Royal then I advise you to try and not use it at night time because you'll be seen easily. Btw I've wanted this skin for ages and now I finally have it!! Here's to prove.
4:16 AM · Apr 2, 2018

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