5 Fortnite rip-offs that are actually fun to play

5 Fortnite rip-offs that are actually fun to play

Realm Royale is a game similar to Fortnite (Image via Realm Royale)

Fortnite rip-offs are quite common because Epic Games' BR title is easily one of the most popular games ever. Millions of players have been playing it for years now, and it is safe to assume that Fortnite's popularity will rise even more with Chapter 2, Season 8.


Naturally, game developers around the world have taken inspiration from Fortnite and created similar Battle Royale games. However, some games ended up with a lack of authenticity in the process, while others successfully made a name for themselves. These are the 5 best games like Fortnite that players should try playing when they're bored and want a different experience.

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Best Fortnite rip-offs so far


1) Realm Royale

Realm Royale is undoubtedly an amazing Battle Royale title. Fans who love the genre must try this game for its catchy graphics and unique meta, including magical abilities, classes, forging, and chickens.


Having said that, many elements in Realm Royale resemble Fortnite. The Battle Pass in the game offers cosmetics. While Fortnite has a Battle Bus, Realm Royale has an airship.

Fortnite and Realm Royale have a similar art style, owing to which many believe the latter is a rip-off. However, Realm Royale offers a wide range of distinctive features that separate it from other BR titles.


2) Spellbreak

Instead of guns and buildings, Spellbreak offers magic spells to its players. It has a fantasy-themed map and characters, and the art style definitely seems like Fortnite at first glance.

The spells are spread across the map like loot in Fortnite, and the looting mechanics are identical in both games. Regardless, Spellbreak has a lot of unique features and is a great game on its own.


3) Radical Heights

Some former Epic Games employees developed radical Heights. As expected, the Battle Royale game has many elements like Fortnite.

Radical Heights, unfortunately, had a short life span. This was primarily because the developers rushed its release with poor graphics and optimization. Even though the likes of Shroud have played and promoted Radical Heights, it failed to create an impact similar to Fortnite.


4) Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction has features such as the Battle Taxi and building mechanics. To say the least, it is one of the most obvious Fortnite rip-offs ever. The game map has many locations that resemble Fortnite, and even the looting system contains chests.

Aside from the graphics, the developers of Creative Destruction have copied almost everything from Fortnite. Interestingly, some members of the development team have previously worked with Epic Games.


Despite all the Fortnite rip-off remarks, Creative Destruction got good reviews and is still popular among players.

5) Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale was released as an April Fool joke but is now available on platforms like Steam. The game developers intentionally rolled it out with absurd gameplay mechanics that mocked other BR titles such as PUBG and Fortnite.


Surprisingly, players enjoyed Cuisine Royale owing to its unpredictable meta and graphics.

It is safe to assume that Fortnite rip-offs will keep hitting stores for years to come. Recreating the success of Fortnite is a dream for any developer that makes a Battle Royale game.

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