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Why Fortnite is much more than just a Battle Royale game

Fortnite is popular for its Battle Royale mode, but the franchise is more than that. Many games like PUBG have had their big moments, but they eventually became irrelevant. This is primarily because the demands of gamers change constantly, and the developers often fail to keep them satisfied.

Minecraft, Roblox, and GTA 5 are three of the most popular games in history. After decades of release, players play these games with the same enthusiasm. It's safe to assume that Fortnite will soon make this list, and here's why.


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Fortnite has the potential to become anything and everything

We now live in a world where people actively try to maintain a virtual life. They want to be a part of the metaverse in which they can be whoever they want, wear whatever they want, and experience things that could have been impossible in real life.


Epic Games' Battle Royale title is already the ideal metaverse. It is a free-to-play platform that functions like a metaverse, from creating their own maps to attending live concerts with millions of other people.

Players can buy skins for actual currency (V-Bucks) in the Item Shop, and they can roam around with each other in the Party Royale mode. The mode is specially dedicated to gamers who do not want to play a sweaty Battle Royale game. They can put on their favorite skins and dance with others.

The Fortnite universe is not restricted to characters like Midas, The Foundation, or Dr. Slone. There are countless characters from other video games, TV series, and movie franchises.

If the Party Royale mode and in-game concerts aren't enough, readers must understand the importance of the Creative mode. Epic Games has updated it time and again, owing to which loopers can create maps based on a wide range of genres such as Parkour, Horror, Simulation, and more.


The goal of the Creative mode is to include other genres of gaming under the Fortnite umbrella. This is similar to Roblox and Minecraft, who've maintained their vogue through well-maintained Creative modes.

What makes Fortnite different from other Battle Royale games?

In terms of Battle Royale gameplay, many gamers might bring up some aspects in which Apex Legends and Warzone are better. However, on the subject of the impact on the gaming industry, the competition isn't even close.


With a Marvel-themed season, Zero War comics, DC's Batman: Zero Point comics, and a Star Wars collaboration under its name, it is surreal to see how Fortnite is ahead of its competitors. It has changed how the world used to look at games and has made gaming an integral part of pop culture.

Fortnite is becoming more like a platform each passing day.

Wether you like ‘em or not, all these collabs set up Donald Mustard’s plan to create a Metaverse where you can play as Kratos driving in a Ferrari with Ariana Grande & Thor.

Excited to see what the future holds!

A few years ago, video games were seen as a way to idle away time. As opposed to this notion, Epic Games has promoted movements like Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQIA+ community through virtual concerts and in-game cosmetics, respectively.

Moreover, the Battle Royale community recently helped generate over $144 million for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Our deepest thanks to everyone who joined us in supporting humanitarian relief efforts for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Together with the Fortnite community and @Xbox, we raised $144 million USD for @DirectRelief @UNICEF, @WFP, @Refugees and @WCKitchen.

Overall, Epic Games will soon be able to make its own metaverse in which everything and anything is possible. Kratos from PlayStation will be driving an off-road car while Naruto will be busy fighting the IO guards with high-tech weapons.

Such a scenario is impossible to witness in any other game globally and certainly sets Fortnite apart.

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