Fortnite No Build mode proves sweaty players are actually a problem

Fortnite now has a Zero Build mode (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite now has a Zero Build mode (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite recently released a Zero Build mode in which players cannot build or edit structures. This was a bold move by the developers as their Battle Royale title rose to prominence with its unique meta that revolved around building and editing structures.

The state of Fortnite in 2022 is the exact opposite of when it was released in September 2017. The community now consists of many experienced players who've put in a myriad of hours to master building and editing. These players play every match to win and are rightly called sweats.

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Here's why the Zero Build mode in Epic Games' Battle Royale title proved that the abundance of tryhards was disastrous for its growth.

New players and content creators are impressed with Fortnite Zero Build mode

It isn't a coincidence that thousands of new players and big names like Ninja, Tfue, CouRage, and Dr DisRespect started playing Fortnite as soon as Epic Games removed building.

I feel like the Fortnite no build mode was built for me.Super athletic, high mobility, slide 360 sniper shots, shotty in your face etc etc.Just sucks aim assist controller junky kids are intermixed.

The surge in the user base was accompanied by positive reviews not just from casual players but from content creators like SypherPK, Nick Eh 30, Muselk, and more.

No building duo cup was the funnest I’ve had in years on this game @FortniteGame
Fortnite with no building > most fun I’ve had on Fortnite in YEARS.

As it turns out, casuals can now play without the fear of sweats trying to stomp them every moment. Similarly, content creators can focus more on meme strategies and creating content rather than just surviving in sweaty lobbies.

Epic Games removed building and added features like Parkour, Mantle, Tactical Sprint, and Tactical Overshield. As a result, the gameplay feels fast-paced and fresh.

Why were sweaty players in Fortnite a problem?

To be called a sweat, a looper must possess the ability to build a skyscraper within seconds and a mindset to win every game. They usually donate 8-10 hours daily to get better and leave no opportunity to show off their skills.

This is honestly why I quit Fortnite, sweats like this are just fat too fast that you can’t even compete

From the perspective of someone who's put so much effort into becoming a good builder, it is understandable to have a sweaty mindset. However, facing such a player is a nightmare for new players who are just starting.

A message for all the fortnite sweats

The skill gap between new and old Fortnite players was ever-increasing, and the former couldn't keep up. It seems like Epic Games realized that this could drastically affect the growth of its Battle Royale game.


Hence, with separate modes, different factions of players can enjoy Fortnite without ruining the experience of others.

Tryhards/sweats will face like-minded players in modes that have building enabled, while casuals can take part in the newly introduced Zero Build mode that only expects them to learn aim and mobility. Instead of building and editing, these skills are pretty standard in BR titles and are much easier to master.

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