8 Fortnite Icon series skins that will break the game

Creators who should be a part of the Fortnite Icon Series (Image via Sportskeeda)
Creators who should be a part of the Fortnite Icon Series (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Fortnite Icon Series has immortalized several content creators, streamers, and pro players so far. These include the likes of Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan, LazarBeam, Bugha, and others.

However, many big names have heavily contributed to popularizing the title and they still aren't a part of the reputed series. To say the least, becoming a permanent part of a game that they've invested countless hours in is a dream for every streamer/creator.

With that in mind, here are eight of the most highly-anticipated Icon Series skins.

Eight content creators and celebrities who deserve to be a Fortnite Icon

1) MrBeast


MrBeast cannot be called a 'Fortnite' content creator. However, he's featured the Battle Royale title in his videos time and again and has even collaborated with the likes of CouRage, SypherPK, and LazarBeam.

MrBeast's impact on YouTube has been massive. The philanthropist has surpassed every competition in terms of production quality and will soon reach 100 million subscribers on the platform.

Accordingly, it is safe to assume that a MrBeast skin will be quite popular in the Item Shop.

👑 MR BEAST ICON SKIN - CONCEPT!Wanted to make a Fortnite skin for the YouTube goat!(Help @MrBeast see it!)

2) SypherPK


SypherPK needs no introduction. He has been playing and promoting Epic Games' Battle Royale title since day one. Even when Ninja, CouRage, Nickmercs, and other streamers quit, SypherPK continued to grind and constantly rolled out innovative content.

Alongside millions of fans, Ninja also believes that SypherPK deserves to be a part of the Icon Series.

Hey @Lazarbeam congrats on the Fortnite Icon Series Skin! Excited to watch the reveal!

3) Nick Eh 30


The Fortnite community is often called out for being toxic, and Nick Eh 30 sits comfortably on the other end of the spectrum. He's the most family friendly creator out there and has enough experience to compete at the highest levels.

Nick Eh 30 is clearly one of the most beloved creators on Twitch, and when Epic Games rewards him for his consistency, it will be a heartwarming moment for the fans.

Only a matter of time before the OG @NickEh30 gets his icon series skin 👏🏼Please make sure the glider is a microwave with melting ice cream trailing out the back

4) Ali-A


Ali-A has been called a cringe and a clickbaity YouTuber by many. Regardless, he's continued to make engaging content and has silenced the haters with sky-scraping viewership numbers.

Ali-A plays Fortnite and keeps his followers updated about new content, leaks, crossovers, map changes, tactics, and more. Making him an Icon is the least that the developers can do to cement his legacy.

People who deserve an ICON skin asap imo: Sypher, Fresh, Daequan, Hamlinz, Ali-A, Typical Gamer & McCreamy!…

5) The Rock


Readers might argue that The Rock is already in Fortnite. However, we're not talking about The Foundation here, but Hollywood celebrity and WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson.

I'm so sick of mf's thinking The Foundation is actually The Rock like an icon series skin or collab when he's literally playing a character like he does in a movie #Fortnite #FortniteFlipped

The Rock is one of the most popular people on Earth, which is enough to assert that he should be an Icon. On top of that, he's actively worked with Fortnite as a voice actor and the face of one of the most important characters in the storyline.

6) Muselk


Muselk has been a prevalent creator for over four years now. His Chappadoodle video is a timeless classic, and he's still releasing videos in 2022.

The hard work and innovation that Muselk puts in his videos is the reason why he has nine million subscribers on YouTube. It is surprising that Epic Games is yet to add Muselk in the Icon Series because his fans have been asking for it for years.

Fortnite should actually give Muselk a icon skin 😳

7) Drake


It is evident that music artists and pop culture icons are the most sought-after cosmetics in the Item Shop. Drake's single Toosie Slide is already a famous emote, and it makes perfect sense for Epic Games to now add him as a skin.

Fans of the rapper are confident that he will get his in-game skin soon. Interestingly, Drake is no stranger to gaming and played Fortnite with Ninja in 2018 when the game was at its peak popularity.

fortnite would be better if there was a drake skin like this

8) Tfue


Tfue might have a controversial relationship with Fortnite, but this won't change the fact that he's one of the best players ever. Back in the day, Tfue was the face of the game. He dominated the competitive scene and gained followers at an unprecedented rate.

TFUE X FORTNITE SKIN CONCEPTAfter Ninja got a skin in the game, I couldn't help but think.. who could be next? So here's my take on another skin in the Icon Series line. Introducing TFUE! 🥳Hope you guys like it! I've also got many more Icon Series skin ideas in the works..🤫

Loopers are delighted to see Tfue's return in Chapter 3, and watching him play in tournaments is always a great experience. He might not be too consistent with his content at the moment, but Epic Games should not forget his contribution in promoting the title during 2018-20.

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