Fortnite Creative Codes

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There is a side to Fortnite that has been getting increasingly popular recently - the creative realm. Players with Fortnite Creative codes can load up their personal island, with each island having something different to offer.

From box fights to zone wars, there is a Fortnite Creative code for everything you like. Apart from being a fun way to brush your in-game skills, the creative islands do not fail in refreshing the overall vibe of the game. Afterall, a long day of grind in the Battle Royale mainstream playlist can end up taking its toll on players.

Prominent Fortnite pros including Bugha, Tfue, Sway have been vocal about the benefits of Fortnite Creative maps. Hordes of players who play Fortnite competitive usually have a routine warm up in creative mode before booting up into an actual game. This not only helps them play better by warming up the muscle memory but allows them to prepare ahead of time for complex situations they might face in-game; whether it’s knowing which piece to edit or practicing your crosshair placement.

How to get a Fortnite Creative code to work?

Once you have your creative map code ready, simply boot up into creative mode by launching your island. Walk up to one of the many rifts around you. Press ‘E’ or use a button to bring up the menu. When prompted, enter the Fortnite creative code you wish you load into. Fortnite creative codes are the best mode for players to enjoy in the game.

Best Fortnite Creative Codes

Fortnite Creative Map CodeType
Pixel Painters3827-4487-5182Artistic
Operation Detonation6463-1661-7591Search & Destroy
Living Manor0863-1321-3485Survival Game
El Cartel - Gun Game9410-9435-7605Gun Game
Hidden Leaf Village Adventure0610-6440-1958Adventure
Cyber Gunfight5596-1794-1494Gun Fight
Athena Royale3206-9524-5936Adventure
Tilted Zone Wars3729-0643-9775Zone Wars
Truck Pursuit7832-3964-5638Vehicle Combat
Nostalgia Slide7386-0045-0838Parkour
BasketBall Box Fight (Neon Stadium)7844-2110-83701v1
PlayStation 4 1v1 Map9773-3198-63171v1
Zone wars with Storm Surge8458-4412-0815Zone Wars
Color Dive0237-4476-7608SkyDiving / Gliding
Rupture – Zombie Survival Creative map5065-7222-5327Zombie Survival
Scavenger's Paradise – Team Deathmatch7446-0472-6710TDM
Gun Game – Hollow Point7850-7545-3988TDM
Edit Course Map with Difficulty selection0566-7688-6063Edit Course
Extreme Deathrun v40441-0294-2914Deathrun
Escort the Payload: Taxi9441-6755-2529Escort
Dead by Fortnite9881-8698-8239Survival
Fortnite episode 2 season 32225-6002-6115Battle Royal
Home Alone House Prop Hunt1468-8833-8480Prop hunt
Summer House Prop Hunt9333-9129-4841Prop hunt
Loki TVA: Prop Hunt7578-6801-8619Prop hunt
Alverton Hills: Asylum9200-8656-2233horror
Finest's Realistic 2v26570-5231-14182v2
Prison Breakout6531-4403-0726Variety
Lost in the Unknown5312-0287-8262Survival horror
Cyberpunk 20777122-2113-9523Free for All
Jesgran's Deathrun 2.01103-0256-3362Deathrun
Crundefault Run!0016-1024-5800Deathrun


For Practice:

RankMost Played IslandMade By (SaC Code)Island Code
1Clix Box FightsPandvil7620-0771-9529
2Tilted Zone Wars (XA)PRETTYBOY3729-0643-9775
3FFA- Box Fight & Zone WarLAWLESSGUY3515-0375-5877

For Combat:

RankMost Played IslandMade By (SaC Code)Island Code
1ماب المَعرقينPRO 100AWA3424-1388-0947
2Sniper One ShotDUX6103-8566-5742
3Drivers VS SnipersDUDIING7467-1406-6184


RankMost Played IslandMade By (SaC Code)Island Code
1200 Level Default DeathrunFXXD18368-4039-3220
2JDuth 100 Level Default Deathrunjduth962359-3574-9339
3100 Level Default Deathrun Remasterjduth968893-8753-3931

Source: Epicgames

Pixel Painters - 3827-4487-5182

Most of Fortnite involves running and shooting, but some of the best Creative maps don’t really have that. This is an artistic map that makes the game a little slower and gives players a chance to be, well, Creative. Artists can paint and other players can guess what they’re drawing, making it one of the most unique and fun maps in the game.

Operation Detonation - 6463-1661-7591

Another game mode that is very popular in other games is the Search & Destroy mode. Once again, Fortnite doesn’t have an official mode for this, which gives Creative maps like this one the chance to shine. It’s a great map and a great game mode and deserves more attention. Cube Monsters showing up adds a fun wrinkle, too.

Living Manor – 0863-1321-3485

Horror maps are also among the most popular that the game has to offer. People just love to be scared and the scariest thing about this Fortnite horror map is the things players will do to their friends. This map pits players against each other in a frightening survival game. Players are armed with a torch and a weapon and will quickly learn just how scary a game like Fortnite can be.

Space Parkour - 1986-0450-3000

space parkour fortnite map

Space Parkour, as the name suggests, is an obstacle course where players jump through ice blocks and try to make their way to the end. Throughout your way, you can collect gold coins as well. In order to successfully make it to the end of Space Parkour, calculated decisions have to be made, along with impeccable timing.

Big Box PVP - 5311-5797-7900

big box pvp fortnite map

If there is one way to survive close-range fights in Fortnite, it’s knowing how to take control of builds and 1x1 boxes to your advantage. More often than not, you will find players trying to get into your box which is why it's crucial to brush up your edit and placement controls in a box fight situation. Big Box PVP does exactly that by allowing you to fight against opponents in real-time.

Town Zone Wars - 9299-7973-8393

town zone wars fortnite map

When playing competitive matches, players will often find themselves in an endzone with more than 20+ players left. This however, does not happen in casual games very often, which is why most players may find it difficult to tackle the situation when facing it. Town Zone Wars is a Fortnite creative map designed to help players get used to fast paced moving circles, where they can practice on high, low or mid ground accordingly.

DropNite 1v1 Red VS Blue Map - 2812-1147-4686

dropnite 1v1 map

You are running through the enigmatic lands of Fortnite Battle Royale only to find an opponent running towards you from the opposite direction, this is where your 1v1 practice can help you defeat them and inch a step closer towards the much-hyped victory Royale.

Escape the Sewers - 9004-9457-2817

escape the sewers fortnite map

A classic escape room scenario, however, instead of a room, players will find themselves stuck inside the sewers, and have to find their way out. The map incorporates tons of parkour and puzzle solving before you can crawl out of the darkness and into the light.

Edit Course for Fortnite Chapter 2

Code: 7451-2531-2052

Code: 8709-9327-4932

edit course fortnite map

Like shooting and building structures, editing is an essential element of the game. Player build structures can be edited to create openings that can be further used to shoot enemies or confuse them. However, getting a hang of editing could take some time. There are multiple ways a single structure can be edited in order to help players gain an advantage over opponents.

For instance, rotating a ramp toward you will push you towards your opponent’s side, and if done rapidly, players can end up eliminating enemies before they get a chance.

Prop Hunt / Hide and Seek

Code: 6595-2150-5271 – Sandy Bay

Code: 8851-5874-9250 – Cozy Café

Code: 7478-3155-2392 – The Yacht

hide and seek fortnite map

The above maps offer a classic variation of ‘hide and seek’, where instead of simply hiding, players can turn themselves into props and blend into their surroundings. A total of 16 players can join in on the fun, with one being the seeker who has to locate the 15 other players camouflaged in this fun Fortnite map.

Mini Battle Royale - 3189-7612-6857

mini battle royale fortnite map

As the name suggests, the Mini-BR mode features a tiny portion of the island along with lush sceneries and challenging terrains. The 16-man mode could prove to be a fun break from the monotonous routine of regular BR playlists. Additionally, the BR mode has a realistic build mechanism where players will have to farm materials as they would in a real game.

The tiny map features 9 named POIs on the map as seen in the image above.

Mech Wars - 7636-8274-9075

mech wars fortnite map

While we can all agree that Mechs were among the worst items to have dropped in the history of Fortnite Battle Royale, it doesn’t hurt to have them in a fun creative map. The ‘Mech War’ Fortnite creative map offers players a chance to relive the nostalgia, dive back in a mech and fight to be the last-man-standing in a war between metal giants.

Swim and Slide - 7720-5389-4636

swim and slide fortnite map

Think Subway Surfer, but in Fortnite Battle Royale. The Swim and Slide Fortnite creative map melds the two games to create an immersive experience where players have to ‘Swim & Slide’ through obstacles while collecting coins on their way. Like many other fun creative maps on the list, the swim/slide map is a great refresh from the usual Battle Royale mode and is even more fun when played with friends. A total of 16 players can load into the map at once.

Escort the Payload: Taxi

Courtesy/Epic Games official website

Map Codes: 9441-6755-2529

Fortnite has an actual escort mode. If you've ever played TF2 or Overwatch, you'll recognize the concept behind this. Push the cargo (in this case, a simple taxi) to the far end of the game while attacking or protecting your location from the opposing team. Power ups like super speed help keep things exciting.


Courtesy/Epic Games official website

Map Codes: 9757-2182-9827

An open-world area with numerous quests to perform, gear to upgrade, and limitless zombies to make for some tense excursions into the city at your doorstep. However, that makes it best played with a group of buddies.

Dead by Fortnite

Map Codes: 9881-8698-8239

The Dead by Daylight formula has been adapted for Fortnite. Players must trigger five generators situated around this frightening farmland, all while the murderer attempts to chase them down.

Fortnite episode 2 season 3

Map Codes: 2225-6002-6115

A continuing battle royale map project that is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. Nobody is quite sure how frequently this map has been changed, but it always includes a massive amount of POIs, loot, and verticality for people that enjoy heated build fights.

Home Alone House Prop Hunt

Map Codes: 1468-8833-8480

We don't have traps like Kevin McAllister, but we do have a ray cannon that can turn us into (nearly) anything. The obnoxiously huge kitchen, the chaotic foyer, and Kevin's room of exile upstairs are all recreated in this reproduction of the legendary Home Alone mansion. Winnetka, Illinois has never looked better.

Summer House Prop Hunt

Map Codes: 9333-9129-4841

The only thing nicer than summer is going to the house of that one rich friend who appears like he belongs in Parasite. This summer house has all the makings of a terrific prop hunt map: There are numerous large and tiny objects to imitate, as well as numerous spaces to explore and an amusing backdrop.

Loki TVA: Prop Hunt

Courtesy/Epic Games official website

Map Codes: 7578-6801-8619

There are few better options for getting right into the zeitgeist than the Loki TVA: Prop Hunt map. The recent Loki miniseries on Disney+ was nearly required viewing for Marvel fans, and this map transports you to the Time Variance Authority to play hide-and-seek, among the most popular Fortnite Creative gaming styles. It's still a fairly new map, but that only means it's your chance to be a trailblazer. For the whole experience, Fortnite Crew subscribers can also don July's brand-new Loki skin!

Alverton Hills: Asylum

Map Code: 9200-8656-2233

There are several fantastic horror-themed maps in Fortnite Creative, but Alverton Hills: Asylum is largely regarded as the greatest. For those that enjoy story-rich indie horror, it's up there with some of the best horror games available right now; and you should consider following its creator, SundayCW, who has essentially developed their own horror franchise inside Fortnite at this point. Oh, and it's only for one player! Have no nightmares...

Finest's Realistic 2v2

Map Code: 6570-5231-1418

According to Epic's official statistics on the most-played Creative Mode maps, Finest's Realistic 2v2 dominated the "Practice" category for several weeks in a row following the last release in May 2021. Creator Finest has also put out an extremely popular 1v1 map in the same style, as well as 3v3 and higher-numbered variations, so you may scale up or down based on how many buddies you wish to play with. However, statistics do not lie, and 2v2 appears to be the most popular combination among fans.

Prison Breakout

Courtesy/Epic Games official website

Map Code: 6531-4403-0726

Prison Breakout leads the "Variety" category, completing our triptych of the most popular maps according to Epic. There's an unwritten law that games that enable fan-made maps will always generate an ersatz version of the map. GTA Online is good, and Prison Breakout is Fortnite’s. When you complete mini-missions, decorate your character's residence, and fight in arena combat (as of the most recent update), you can choose to side with jail escapees or guards.

Lost in the Unknown

Map Code: 5312-0287-8262

Lost in the Unknown is a one-to-two player survival horror map. The journey starts with your character(s) surviving an aircraft crash and finding themselves having to fend off nature's hostility in a lonely wilderness, only to get spookier as the game progresses. This community favorite has produced many of those popular YouTube jumpscare videos, so it's no surprise that fans are excited to play it for themselves.

Cydurrpunk 2077

Map Code: 7122-2113-9523

Few maps can rival Cydurrpunk 2077 in terms of pure artistic ambition. It's a free-for-all map where you may wander or play hide-and-seek with other players, but the true draw is the faithful-yet-playful reproduction of Night City from the recently released Cyberpunk 2077. Notwithstanding a few frame rate issues caused by its massive size, this map is still the most popular post on r/FortniteCreative. The cynic in me says it probably still outperforms the actual thing, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Jesgran's Deathrun 2.0

Code: 1103-0256-3362

Deathruns in Fortnite Creative do exactly what they sound like: toss your character into a hazardous map that tries to murder them in a number of fascinating ways while they flee. This one made headlines a few years ago when the author launched a contest with $1,000 in prizes for players who could beat the map in the shortest amount of time. It's also the second most popular map on r/FortniteCreative, with comments complimenting its polished gameplay, which took over 400 hours to create (plus 1,000 testing hours).

Crundefault Run!

Map Code: 0016-1024-5800

Unlike Jesgran's Deathrun 2.0, which contains eight elaborately designed levels, Crundefault Run requires you to run through 100 levels of risk in order to succeed. It's up to you whether this is wonderfully wicked or just plain frustrating, but with so many plays under its belt, it's safe to say a lot of people liked it.

Last Updated: 16 December 2022