Fortnite Zone Wars Codes 2023

Last Modified Feb 08, 2023 08:50 GMT

Fortnite is a 100-man Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games. The once low-key video game that was mostly about surviving attacks from swarms of zombies slowly transitioned into the sensation that now has millions of people playing it every single day. Fortnite is among one of the few battle royale games that come with a prominent competitive side. The developers have been known to actively host tournaments and events that offer thousands of dollars in prize money to winners.

Naturally, the prize-pool ended up attracting the attention of top-tier players from around the world, and the professionals quickly realized that one of the most important aspects of the game was figuring out strategies to survive the end zone (last few circles) in Fortnite. This posed a new challenge, as this was something players were not guaranteed every single game. To be able to practice end-game zones in a normal lobby would first require players to survive till the end-zone, which in itself could get daunting when you are surrounded by a bunch of players who are just as good as you. This holds true especially for high-level arena lobbies where gameplay mechanics, timing and other aspects need to be on-point.

This is where the Fortnite Zone Wars map comes into play. These creative islands offer the same experience as end games would in a competitive or casual lobby. Top-tier competitive players, the likes of which include Bugha, Aqua and Mongraal have all advocated the benefits of Fortnite Zone war maps, practicing which is one of the most optimal ways to brush up your end-game skills, formulating strategies to understand which style of gameplay you should adopt in those situations.

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best Fortnite Zone War codes that various creators from around the globe have developed.

Fortnite Zone Wars Maps

Here are some of the best Fortnite Zone wars maps that players can use:

Fortnite Zone Wars MapCode
Zone War In Lucky Landing 20223693-9424-7306
Valley Zonewars6267-9845-8827
El City Happy New Year 20222036-2085-1813
Uphill Zone Wars4010-9579-3761
8v8 Red Vs Blue Go Goated1652-6940-3196
Fox Clan Zone Wars6130-6579-9491
Enigma’s Zone Wars7807-3739-7969
Fishsticks Zone Wars9745-8769-2935
Tropical island Zone Wars2997-1480-4390
Deserted Zone Wars3530-7579-6195
Realistic 1 v 1 map2724-8149-2825
Zone Wars "Aztec Warrior"5929-7737-3528
The Three Towers Zone Wars1932-4066-7629
Season 3 Zone Wars3035-1187-0107
Green Peaks Zone Wars2557-4652-7806
Tilted Towers Zone Wars3729-0643-9775
Grief - Mini Royale1412-5768-0092
Sahara - Desert Zone Wars1434-8021-7042
Zero's Vortex Zone Wars9310-1401-9904
Donnysc's Ice Mountain Zone Wars5096-9331-4763
Geerzy's High-Speed Hotdrops1012-2574-8528
Zone Wars Purgatory7341-2894-1703
Rugged Rocks—Fast Zonewars7928-3621-5259
Town Zone Wars9299-7973-8393
Enigma’s Downhill Rivers8662-3682-3295

Tilted Towers Map - 2159-7741-9225

The nostalgia of playing a game of Fortnite in Tilted Towers, coupled with the fact that the map is strategically designed to help you up your game in an area surrounded by objects is what puts this map on top of our list. The tilted towers map created by u/PrettyboyAM combines both elemental objects, i.e buildings and other props, which can help you practice survival in tightly packed areas of the maps, the likes of which include Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake etc.

tilted towers map

Mountain Zone Wars - 2120-6008-5979

The uneven mountain surface will often pose a challenge to players who hop into a game of Mountain Zone wars. As is the case with most maps, the best way to play is to hop into a party full of friends and challenge each other to see who becomes the last-man-standing. Most of the time, it's near impossible to predict end-zones in actual games. This holds true especially in competitive lobbies where at times, Storm surge could also be a problem. This Fortnite Zone war code will help you formulate strategies to survive the uneven zones that may befall you every once in a while.

Mountain zone wars map

Desert Zone Wars - 9700-3224-6429

The desert-based hot winds and the beautiful atmosphere should attract many players to this map. The buildings and lights are designed in such a manner that you can fight your friends and live the beauty of this wonderful creation at the same time. Players can have build battles and the storm might play a spoilsport sometimes, but it will help players learn the importance of high grounds and aggressive building in Fortnite.

Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2: 1811-9621-1739

Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2 improves on the original by adding more buildings, more desert foliage, and even a river to splash around in.

desert zone wars map

The Three Towers - 1932-4066-7629

Ever wanted to play in a fantasy setting in Fortnite? Well, here’s your chance. The Three Towers offer a medieval experience mixed with villages, forests and huge castles. Players can go in as a solo, duo or even trio to play in this map. This map should help the players understand the game and improve their game sense. The storm randomly moves to a particular location, thus, players will have to save their materials and form reasonable strategies to outwit their opponents.

the three towers map

Green Peaks Zone Wars - 2557-4652-7806

Green Peaks Zone Wars, just as the name suggests, is just the map for an aesthetic and seamless gameplay experience. The map features lush green mountain terrains. The way it's designed forces players to rotate upwards and then back down (based on how the circle moves) which is the perfect practice to get used to both high and low ground situations during end-games.

green peaks zone wars map

Sausage Zone Wars (Mini-BR) - 8325-5510-3277

Traditionally, most Fortnite Zone War maps are relatively tiny. However, Sausage Zone wars offer you an entire island that you can turn into your playground and indulge in end-game practice. With an entire Season 1 theme island, players will find water bodies, forest, sands - bits of everything you would normally find in a normal game of Fortnite. Yet another Fortnite Zone wars map that is good for grinding while still retaining the ‘fun’ aspects.

sausage zone wars

Grief - Zone Wars - 2145-6942-8194

A serene island surrounded by nothing but the sound of the ocean and bullets. Grief is a small Fortnite Zone war map that is set in a compact island with very little to protect yourself elementally. Players will mainly have to rely on building using materials which will help them understand how to use mats in a stressful situation while also keeping count of it.

Grief zone wars map

The Pit - Zone Wars - 2534-1301-2113

The Pit features a colosseum-style stage that is packed with trees and rocks for the most part. The seemingly compact yet sufficient Fortnite Zone wars map is perfect for playing with 3 to 6 people as it may become way too crammed in case there are more opponents than that. Upon elimination, you can choose between box fight or spectator mode as well.

the pit zone wars map

Sahara - Desert Zone Wars: 1434-8021-7042

This map was created by MuzNeo and has been described as "Desert Zone Wars on steroids with Vikings taking over half the map." With this map, you can also earn XP to level up your Battle Pass, giving you even more reason to dive into the desert with your best weapons.

Zero’s Vortex Zone Wars: 9310-1401-9904

One of the most sensible Zone Wars maps you'll ever find. Notice how the wind moves around randomly, how it shrinks, and how it eventually closes completely. Because the spawns are also random, you'll be in different locations on the map in each round. Because the loadout you start with is irregular, you will not always have an ideal set of weapons that is representative of the real game.

Donnysc's Ice Mountain Zone Wars: 5096-9331-4763

Created by donnysc, this is unquestionably a good map for those looking for excellent gameplay in mountainous terrain to prepare against the opponents

Geerzy’s High-Speed Hotdrops Zone Wars: 1012-2574-8528

Because it differs from the typical Zone Wars style of map, this is an interesting option to try out. You spawn in the air and essentially hot-drop into the area, which resembles Nice Park, for a brief match with 2–16 players. It gives you a better sense of the early game so you can practice engaging in combat.

Zone Wars Purgatory: 7341-2894-1703

Due to the variety of modes it offers to accommodate various objectives, Purgatory is an excellent Zone Wars mode. This mode offers Parkour, boxing, and aim training. There is no waiting period between deaths, allowing you to immediately resume play.

Box fighting is a fantastic addition because it gives players the chance to practice fortification while defending. In Purgatory, viewers have access to "god mode," which enables them to float around the map and take in the action from any angle they choose.

Rugged Rocks—Fast Zonewars: 7928-3621-5259

This island, one of the tiniest in the Zone Wars series, thrusts players right into the action. Building will be crucial to surviving on the island because it is mostly desolate and has few structures. Rugged Rocks, while not a box fighting game mode, has the depth of Zone Wars and the speed of a Box Fighting match, with the zone closing in completely after two minutes and 40 seconds.

The design of this particular community game mode was based on player optimization. Most players will find a very impressive FPS inside the mode by reducing the number of large structures on the island and having each player start with a predetermined inventory.

Town Zone Wars: 9299-7973-8393

Town Zone Wars, one of the most well-known Zone Wars experiences, introduces a well-known setting from the Call of Duty series, modeling the map after the iconic Nuketown. Players will engage in combat as the zone closes in around them. This map has been meticulously designed to be as accurate to its inspiration as possible and will undoubtedly bring back memories for players who have played it before.

Enigma’s Downhill Rivers: 8662-3682-3295

Everything that we've come to expect from Enigma is present in this map. The player creates original maps with exciting action and a fast pace just as well as any other mapmaker in the community. Notably, this map has a special moving storm that moves downhill and forces players to fight close range until the zone eventually closes. Without a doubt, this is among the best Zone Wars maps currently available.

These were some of the best zone wars maps that players can use in Fortnite.