Want to get clear skin? Here's how to deep clean pores. (Image via Pexels / Anna Shvets)

How To Deep Clean Pores To Remove Blackheads?

One of the most important skincare rituals is to deep clean pores. Some people have naturally oily skin, which causes their pores to become more visible and clogged.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might experience blackheads or whiteheads that appear in the openings of your pores. Sometimes these can lead to inflammation if left untreated, so it's important to know how to clean them properly.


What is a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial?

If you love the feeling of a nice home facial after a long day, you're not alone. Home facial products are a great addition to any self-care routine. But if you use these products every day, they can damage your skin by adding too much oil or moisture.

Home facial products can also help in unclogging all the dirt from your skin. (Image via Pexels / Shiny Diamond)

If you want to treat your skin to a pampering experience that leaves it looking and feeling younger, try visiting a local spa. The staff there can perform a deep-cleansing facial treatment that's impossible to achieve at home.


A deep pore cleansing facial uses steam, extraction, and other techniques to clear pores of dirt and oil. This facial is especially helpful for people who struggle with acne or oily skin. Let's look at the process in greater detail now that we've covered the basics.

How To Deep Clean Your Face Pores?

1) Use a cleanser with exfoliating beads


You can use a cleanser with exfoliating beads. To use a cleanser with exfoliating beads, you will need to:

  • Wet your face with warm water and apply the cleanser in circular motions.
  • Leave the product on for about 2 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

You should only do this once or twice per week, as over-exfoliating can cause irritation and dryness in the skin!

Using cleanser is essential for deep clean pores. (Image via Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch)

2) Use a facial scrub

To deep clean pores, you'll want to use a facial scrub. This will remove dead skin cells and leave behind smoother, healthier-looking skin. You can find scrubs in many different forms:

  • A powder that you mix with water or apply with your fingers
  • A cream-based product that comes in tubs or tubes
  • A scrub with coarse granules that don't need any additional tools (like brushes) to apply it.

3) Add a face mask to your routine

A face mask can be used on any part of the face, including areas like the nose, forehead and chin that are more prone to blackheads. A good rule of thumb when applying a face mask is: if it feels right for you (and doesn't cause irritation), then do it! If you have sensitive skin or are experiencing an adverse reaction from using a particular product in this way, then stop immediately and consult a medical professional.


Masks work by pulling impurities from pores, so they're perfect for a deep cleaning!

Deep clean pores: Facial mask helps in retaining the moisture. (Image via Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch)

4) Do a deep clean once a week or every other week

Now that you know how to deep clean pores, it's time to put this information into action. So what's the best way to go about getting a deep clean? Well, there are two ways: at night before bed or in the morning before work. Either way works!

It is important to do it regularly so that your skin stays healthy and clear of blackheads and whiteheads (which will also help prevent acne).

Deep Clean Pores - Cleanse your skin on the front and back of your face as well as your neck and chest area

To deep clean your pores, you should cleanse the skin on the front and back of your face as well as your neck and chest area. This will help remove any dirt or oil that may be clogging up those pores.

You can visit your local spa to deep clean pores. (Image via Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch)
  • To do this, start by using a gentle cleanser that won't irritate sensitive skin (if you have sensitive skin). You can either use a facial wash with warm water or a product specifically designed for deep cleansing such as an exfoliator or mask with ingredients like charcoal or clay which are known for drawing impurities out from within the pore wall.*
  • Once you've gotten wet, apply some kind of cleanser gently into each section of skin before massaging it in circular motions for about 30 seconds.
  • This will loosen up any dirt trapped within them so they can be rinsed away easily later on.* Continue until all areas are covered evenly.
  • Once finished washing off all traces left behind then pat dry with a towel before moving onto next step: moisturizing!

So, if you're looking for a way to deep clean pores and make them appear smaller, then try out some of these tips.


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