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Prada makeup and skincare line (Image via Sportskeeda)

Prada makeup and skincare line: Release date, where to buy and more details explored

Italian luxury fashion house Prada has officially announced the brand’s skincare and makeup line. The makeup collection comprises of six ‘Dimensions’ eyeshadow quads with each palette inspired by classic Prada prints, a lip balm, 26 ‘Monochrome lipsticks’ in soft matte and hyper matte textures, 33 AI-driven shades of the ‘Reveal’ foundation, an assortment of 10 brushes and tools, and three ‘Augmented Skincare’ products.

The product range is a reflection of the luxury fashion house’s classic collision of innovation and artistry. The skincare and makeup line will be available to consumers via prada.com and pradabeauty.com on August 1, 2023. Subsequently, the product range will be available at Selfridges and Harrods in London from August 18, 2023. However, the U.S. retail launch is expected in January 2024.


AI-driven foundation and much more: What to expect from Prada makeup and skincare line


The luxury fashion brand's expansion into the skincare and makeup range after the success of its fragrance line is headed by the Global Creative Makeup Artist, Lynsey Alexander.


According to sources, Lysney shared that her brief for the skincare and makeup range was to bring the fashion brand's archive of prints and patterns to life including the colour and vibrancy into beauty products.

She shared:

"One of the biggest challenges was editing that wardrobe of colour and making the lipstick shades really Prada, really relevant, really beautiful and really wearable."

The premium brand has combined low-cost luxury with future phygital (physical+digital) trademarks in its skincare and cosmetic lines. Prada hopes to create a new future for the beauty industry by collaborating with Lynsey Alexander and Ines Alpha who works toward combining the virtual and real world.


Lynsey shares her experience working with Ines Alpha and states that her work was all about pigments while Ines’s work was all about pixels. Lynsey would therefore physically produce lipsticks, while Ines would digitally design the hues. They would borrow ideas from ones another's work, adding a new level of originality to the collection and process.


The globally acclaimed fashion house's skincare and makeup range is the host of skin-first technologies like Adapto.gn Smart Technology, known to strengthen and renew skin’s texture, IRL-micro-filter technology (In-Real-Life) that diffuses light and enhances radiance, and SMART TECH-XTURES, a technology that ensures every product from lipsticks to the eyeshadow palette are breathable, blendable, and render longevity.

The eyeshadow range is maximizing on the brand's cult triangle pattern. The luxury brand has already garnered positive reviews owing to its sci-fi luxe chrome finish packaging with Pistachio-coloured lid interiors, which is refillable. The palette consists of four shades with three neutral colours and one bright poppy shade.

The Saffiano 'leather' finish on the lipstick bullets' packaging shows the luxury brand's attention to details in both product composition and packaging.


According to sources, the brand's skincare range will feature a serum, a makeup remover, and a cream. The luxury fashion brand aims to keep it simple as they don't wish to give out the message of 'correcting one's faults'.

The fasion house's entry into the skincare and makeup arena has created a stir in the beauty industry as beauty enthusiasts look forward to what the globally popular fashion house will bring to makeup and skincare.

Prada's skincare and makeup products will be available on their official websites from August 1, 2023 and the range will retail at Harrods and Selfridges, London from August 18, 2023.


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