Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: India vs Kenya, Live Match Updates

Updated: 26 June 2018 22:11 IST
Published: 26 June 2018 18:42 IST

India 29 - 5 Kenya (HT)

That's it from this game between India and Kenya! Tune into Sportskeeda tomorrow as the action continues with South Korea taking on Argentina in a dead rubber followed by the all-important Pakistan v Kenya encounter later in the day. 

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India will now go into the semifinals against South Korea with a lot of confidence from the group stages while Pakistan and Kenya will battle it out for the second spot from Group 'A' tomorrow. 
India win 50-15!! 

Another complete performance from the World Champions, as they have finished with four wins from four group stage matches. Meanwhile, Kenya are now all but out of the tournament and will need a herculean effort to sneak into the semifinals. 
SUPER RAID for India and guess who it is! Surjeet Singh! 

What an effort from Surjeet as he picks up three points on the buzzer raid! Wriggles away from the ankle hold by the left corner, then sneaks through a dash from the rest of the defence to end the game on a high for the Men in Blue!
Just a minute to go as India lead 47-15!
Oops! An error from Rahul Chaudhari as he steps out of the court during Obiero's raid and Kenyan have an easy point there. 
Oh, wait! Some confusion as the bonus point has actually not been granted and India have challenged the decision. 

Review successful and Rahul has picked up the bonus point. Clincal execution of the bonus and the action continues. 
Rahul Chaudhari picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid! 
Time-out called. 

India lead 46-14 with little more than 3 minutes to go on the clock. 
Patrick Nzau strikes on the Do or Die raid as he stretches and powers through Surender Nada's ankle hold. He's now picked two points from two raids now. 
And now, Surender Nada is raiding for India. Pretty much sums up the dismal performance from Kenya. 
Wow! Surjeet now shows his raiding skill as he picks a point through a hefty touch on the left corner defender. 
The Kenyan raider steps into the lobbies without a touch, too much momentum on that occasion and gifts a point to India. 
India now down to just two men on the mat. 
SUPER RAID for Kenya! First one for a Kenyan and the man in focus is Victor Obiero! 

Gets a touch on Rahul Chaudhari and then twists through a dash from Deepak Hooda and an ankle hold from Raju Lal Choudhary to convert it into a super raid! Stellar effort!
Patrick Nzau picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid! 
Rahul Chaudhari's pace piles the pressure on the Kenya defence as the right corner defender slips and falls into the lobbies. 
Kenya's defending has been extremely haphazard in this game, highlighted by the bonus point picked by Pardeep Narwal on that occasion. 

The right corner and cover defenders just moved back and let Pardeep jump in and out, an easy gift in the end. 
Meanwhile, Deepak Hooda picks up an easy bonus point. He had acres to work for the bonus point, poor defending from Kenya. 
Victor Obiero picks a bonus point and wards off a strong dash from Mohit Chhillar to pick up two points!
Finally, first point of the second half for Kenya through Njoroge, who picks a point with a touch on Surjeet Singh. 
Deepak Hooda picks up a brace! 

The right cover defender is the culprit, goes in for the advance ankle hold, Deepak Hooda wriggles away and also benefits from an unecessary tackle by the right corner defender. 
Bonus point now awarded to the Indian team as the coach calls for a time-out. 

India comfortably lead 38-5. 
Extraordinary from Surender Nada! The raider looked to be contempt with an empty raid but Surender Nada had other ideas, his trademark ankle hold kept the raider trapped in the Indian half. 
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