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  • Fact check: Is Baby Gronk related to Rob Gronkowski?
Is Baby Gronk related to Rob Gronkowski?

Fact check: Is Baby Gronk related to Rob Gronkowski?

A picture of Madden San Miguel sometimes referred to as "Baby Gronk," and NCAA player Olivia Dunne has unexpectedly gone viral.

A 10-year-old youth football player named Baby Gronk has amassed a sizable online fan base. Since elementary school, his dad, Jake San Miguel, has worked actively to develop his son's image.


Numerous images of Baby Gronk's college visits have already been posted on social media. While he is known as "Baby Gronk," Rob Gronkowski, a retired NFL tight end, is not his blood relative. Madden's father named his son after the future Pro Football Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski because he wants his son to be as famous as him.

Baby Gronk, who was given the great Gronkowski moniker, already has more than 300K followers on Instagram.


Although Rob Gronkowski and Madden San Miguel have not yet met, an outing is planned. Madden's social media following has grown thanks to viral videos like the one in which he dragged a pickup vehicle with a rope and received over 20 million views. Since then, he hasn't turned back.

He is significantly larger and more imposing than the average child his age, which contributes to his authority on the field. He employs his large framework to get around competitors, which has led many NCAA football programs throughout the nation to reportedly show significant interest in attempting to recruit him.


Baby Gronk is a football prodigy

As per sources, Madden San Miguel's father, former high school footballer Jake San Miguel, was unable to continue playing football after graduation due to injuries. He is currently attempting to use social media stardom to propel his son onto major platforms.

The NFL, according to Jake, is Madden's supreme objective, but building an identity will provide him the freedom to pursue any endeavor.


Madden and his dad have made the most of the NFL off-season. In an informal survey of a few colleges in which Madden San Miguel could potentially play when he turns 18, he and his father traveled across the most well-known colleges in the country. They have also attended youth football training camps. As the NFL looks for a suitable replacement for Rob Gronkowski, it is part of the hype mill surrounding his name.

Madden may be on the same trajectory as Rob Gronkowski, but only the future will tell if his potential football career succeeds.

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