Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

NFL: Josh Allen's growth, an investment coming good

These are the touchdown and interception stats for Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen the rest of the quarterbacks who were picked in the first round of the 2018 draft:

#1 Baker Mayfield - 66 Touchdowns to 42 Interceptions


#3 Sam Darnold - 39 Touchdowns to 36 Interceptions

#7 Josh Allen - 52 Touchdowns to 29 Interceptions

#10 Josh Rosen - 12 Touchdowns to 19 Interceptions

#32 Lamar Jackson - 57 Touchdowns to 15 Interceptions

Josh Allen was the most questionable QB prospect going into the 2018 NFL draft. Two years later, Allen might just be the 2nd-best player out the group and the best long-term option at the position.


How exactly did we get here?

The magical work of offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll deserves a lion's share of the praise when it comes to the growth of Josh Allen.


The former New England Patriots and University of Alabama assistant took a diamond in the rough in 2018 and spent the next two years polishing up Allen's skills while doing his best to take out all his bad habits.

Allen is now an undisputed gem and a fringe MVP candidate. Some of the bad habits are still there and pop up at the most unfortunate situations, but Allen looks like a franchise QB and has many more years ahead of him to iron out all his bad habits and he only has this chance due to tremendous job Daboll has done to ease Allen into the NFL with a smart playbook and great coaching.

Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane building around Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

Buffalo Bills defensive ranking by points allowed since 2018:

2018 - 17th

2019 - 2nd

2020 - 17th (through Week 12)

Buffalo Bills rushing yards ranking since 2018:

2018 - 9th

2019 - 8th

2020 - 23rd (through Week 12)

Buffalo Bills last two drafts early-round offensive picks:

2019 - Cody Ford (tackle), Devin Singletary (running back) and Dawson Knox (tight end)

2020 - Stefon Diggs (traded for wide receiver) Zack Moss (running back) and Gabriel Davies (WR)

Buffalo Bills 2019 free agents - John Brown (wide receiver), Cole Beasley (wide receiver), Ty Nsheke (tackle), Mitch Morse (center).

Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott went all in on Josh Allen and everything since the 2018 draft has been about getting this kid to work, Mcdermott has never given Allen anything below a league average defense or outside of this year a top 10 rushing attack. Beane got Allen weapons in the draft and went out and got him a legit number #1 while solidifying his offensive line over the last 2 years. Through these moves the young QB has been placed in a comfortable environment as the franchise did not place too much on the young QB's plate only asking him to execute when asked, draft peers like Josh Allen and Sam Darnold can only dream of this kind of support and care.



There is a saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child, to flip that, it takes an entire organizations commitment to develop a QB, Josh Allen who was just a kid with a canon and questionable decision making has blossomed into a top 10 QB at 24 and gives the Buffalo Bills a legit franchise QB something they haven't had in almost 20 years.

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