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Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers

Packers HC Matt LaFleur inadvertently trolls Cowboys saying he knew 49ers would win before wildcard game was even played

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said he knew the San Francisco 49ers would defeat the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday.

Matt LaFleur then tried to back off the comments by saying,

"That's just the respect we have for them."


Matt LaFleur says #Packers anticipated 49ers might be coming to Lambeau Field this week, so they started prep on them on bye last week. "That's just the respect we have for them."

Also lots of familiarity already: "There are certain things we know we want to do in every phase."
11:44 AM · Jan 19, 2022

Clearly, Matt LaFleur had no confidence at all that the Dallas Cowboys would beat the 49ers. In fact, Matt LaFleur and the Packers practiced more for the 49ers than the Cowboys.

Probably a smart move on his part considering that the last few times the Cowboys and Packers have played, the Packers have come out on top.


The Packers have an all-time series record of 20-17, a smaller margin than some would expect. Against the Cowboys in the playoffs, they are tied at 4 wins apiece.

The Packers' most recent playoff matchup against the Cowboys was in January 2017. The Packers won that matchup 34-31 on a last second field goal.

Rodgers and the Packers also ended the Cowboys' playoff hopes in 2014. The game featured a controvisal call.

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant looked as if he had caught a pass from then Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo that would have put them in a position to win the game, but the referees called it no catch, leaving Cowboys fans once again heartbroken.

It’s been 4 years to the date that Dez almost caught it.
8:18 AM · Jan 11, 2019

Matt LaFleur and the Packers want to end playoff losing streak against 49ers

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

Matt LaFleur may not be much of a prophet when it comes to the Cowboys and 49ers, but he knows the recent history of the Packers and the 49ers and realized their recent record against them in the playoffs isn't very good.

The Packers are 0-3 against the 49ers in the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers and have given this team hell over the years, as the Packers have given the Cowboys.


Similar to the Cowboys, the Packers and 49ers are tied at 4 wins apiece in playoff victories, including a 37-20 victory the 49ers had in the 2019 NFC Championship game.

Despite what a lot of NFL experts are saying, this won't be an easy matchup with the 49ers and the Packers each fully aware that the 49ers have had a recent advantage.

Rodgers will make his 4th playoff start vs #49ers, tied w/ Simms for 2nd most behind Favre's 5.
Packers lost all 3 and no QB has ever lost 4 playoff starts vs 1 team. 9 guys are tied w/ 3 including Young vs GB, Montana vs NYG, Brodie vs Cowboys twitter.com/CamInman/statu…
Before I to Green Bay, had to ask @JoshDubowAP which QB faced #49ers most in non-division games.

His answer:
14: Favre
12: Rodgers, Brees, Simms

Most overall: Russell Wilson 21, then Jim Everett 19

Thanks, Josh
10:01 AM · Jan 21, 2022

Aaron Rodgers grew up being a 49ers fans, so perhaps that may be part of the reason he has struggled against his former favorite team.

Saturday may be Rodgers' last chance to prove to the world that he can take care of business against San Francisco.

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