Ex-NFL linebacker claims Russell Wilson is “Playing himself out of the Hall of Fame”

Ex-NFL linebacker claims Russell Wilson is “Playing himself out of the Hall of Fame” with Broncos dead last in the AFC West

Russell Wilson's first season in Denver has been a disaster. The quarterback was brought in via a blockbuster trade from Seattle, but so far, it looks like the Seahawks have made the right decision to trade their franchise quarterback.

The Broncos are currently 3-8 heading into Week 13 and are in last place in the AFC West. Their playoff hopes are almost over, and to pour more salt into the wound, they don't even have their first-and-second-round picks for the 2023 NFL Draft.

In fantasy, Russell Wilson was QB33 in Week 12.

There are 32 teams in the NFL.

Jordan Love outscored Russell Wilson in 1 quarter.

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Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho recently spoke about Wilson on Speak. He believes the Broncos quarterback is playing himself out of the Hall of Fame with his performances this season.

Here's what he said:

"Russell Wilson is doing something that no player in NFL history has ever done. He might be playing himself out of the Hall of Fame. Think about this for a second. We all thought Russell Wilson was a Hall of Famer, there are seven Hall of Famers of the generation, but only one, Russell Wilson, is hanging on by a thread."

Acho added:

"His head coach Pete Carroll, he drafted him, but that same head coach Pete Carroll was willing to let Russell Wilson go in Russell Wilson's prime. That's not a Hall of Famer decision... Is he really a Hall of Famer where he is in his new location."

He continued:

"It has really plagued my mind... the Hall of Fame status with as bad as the season has been, he's playing himself out of the Hall of Fame."

Wilson has played quite poorly this season. The Denver Broncos have the worst-ranked offense in the league, and everyone around the franchise is frustrated.


He has thrown just five touchdowns this season, and the failure to reach the endzone has been their biggest issue. Their defense has played well throughout the season, but their failure to put up points has put them in such a tough situation.

Russell Wilson is still contributing to the success of the Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson - Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers

Despite getting traded from the Seattle Seahawks prior to this season, Wilson will continue to contribute to the success of the Seahawks next season. With the way the Denver Broncos are playing this season, it is very likely that they will finish as a bottom-five-ranked team in the league.

Was just looking at this clip of Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin resenting Russell Wilson for not crediting the defense... If this is how the Seahawks felt about Russell Wilson when the offense and defense was clicking. Imagine how the Jets feel about Zach Wilson now.

This will present an opportunity for the Seahawks to utilize a top-five draft pick next year that they acquired from the Broncos to draft a stellar player on defense. With the Seahawks being a surprise package this season, this bodes well for their future.

Seattle were expected to be challenging for the first-overall pick of the 2023 draft. Most analysts had them winning perhaps three or four games in total. Instead, they are challenging for the NFC West and have a 6-5 record. The ramifications of the Wilson trade will likely be felt for years to come in both franchises, with the Broncos currently looking on in concern.

Denver stand at 3-8 and are almost certainly out of the playoffs this season. With losses and arguments piling up everywhere, they have to finish the season strongly to change the narrative.

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