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  • NFL fans rip Patrick Mahomes over statement on brother Jackson's arrest - "This family refuses media training"
Fans rip Patrick Mahomes over recent statement

NFL fans rip Patrick Mahomes over statement on brother Jackson's arrest - "This family refuses media training"

Patrick Mahomes and his family have been surrounded by controversies for years. The situation has only worsened after Jackson Mahomes' arrest.

Despite the severity of the accusations, Mahomes and his wife Brittany never publically acknowledged the situation.


While Mahomes did make a statement about the matter, users online weren't impressed with his words. As per a few people, Mahomes and his family actually need some PR training.


According to a few people, the Mahomeses have never been a private family. Since they are always speaking up on issues, many expected a proper statement on Jackson's matter.


A few users even expected Patrick Mahomes to say he 'condones' what Jackson did.

Accused of forcibly kissing a woman, Jackson's video clip also got circulated online.


Other people also blamed Patrick, claiming that the Kansas City Chiefs QB isn't any different from the rest of his family.


What did Patrick Mahomes say about his brother Jackson's arrest?

Patrick Mahomes

With OTAs beginning and the 2023 NFL season nearing, Mahomes is back on the field with his team. However, as the Chiefs aim for another Super Bowl, their star QB has to focus on football.

When asked about Jackson, the two-time Super Bowl champion stated that it was a personal matter he couldn't comment on:

“Honestly, it’s kind of a personal thing that I just kind of gotta keep to myself.”
Patrick Mahomes and Jackson at the Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles game
“At the end of the day, I come here to play football and try to take care of my family at the same time. So just kind of keep it to myself and just go out there and play football when I’m in the building.”

The person who accused Jackson, Aspen Vaugh, is a 40-year-old Kansas City restaurant owner who released a video of Jackson forcibly kissing her. As of now, the 22-year-old has not been convicted.

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