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What was Patrick Mahomes' height and weight during the NFL Draft?

Aside from Patrick Mahomes' height, the quarterback was a complete unknown during the 2017 NFL Draft. When he was selected, no one expected him to become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

Of course, there was plenty of speculation about what path he would end up on. However, the only concrete factual information the quarterback was able to provide in April 2017 was his size and weight. What did he weigh and how tall was he when he was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs?


He was listed by NFL.com at 6'2" and 225 pounds. His arms were 33 1/4" and his hands were 9 1/4". Of course, the size of his arms and hands are not subject to change, but his weight is.

Patrick Mahomes is the first player in the Super Bowl era with at least 400 yards and a touchdown passing and 60 yards and a touchdown rushing in the same game.

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According to Pro Football Reference, the quarterback is listed at 227 pounds in 2022. He has also grown an inch since Draft Day, now listed at 6'3". Of course, this could also have been a measuring fluctuation.


Patrick Mahomes' height puts him at an advantage

Patrick Mahomes at Baylor v Texas Tech

If a quarterback is too small, he will have trouble seeing over the offensive linemen. In such cases, quarterbacks are much more likely to throw blindly, leading to interceptions. Also, if a quarterback is too small, he could suffer more injuries from hits.

Patrick Mahomes racked up 485 yards (!!) of total offense last night, marking the highest total for any player in a single game this season.

If a quarterback is tall, he could see over the offensive linemen. However, their big bodies often place them at a disadvantage when attempting to get away from pass rushers. Also, if a quarterback is too tall, their throwing arcs make the ball more difficult for receivers to catch.


Patrick Mahomes is right in the middle of the spectrum at 6'3". He's not too tall but he's also not small, providing him with the best of both worlds. He can see over linemen, avoid the pass rush, and throw balls on a better arc. Of course, the quarterback has also proven to have plenty of intangibles en route to two Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl ring, and league-leading stats.


In his career, Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 50 touchdowns in a season. He's also thrown for at least 20 touchdowns each season he has played multiple games in. Also, his worst interception ratio in a starting season was just under 3:1, which was in 2021.

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