Being an NFL Scout would be a dream job for some individuals

NFL: How to become an NFL scout?

Becoming an NFL Scout takes some work. In fact, there are certain steps that need to be taken before one can even consider jumping right into being a scout.

If an individual wants to become an NFL Scout they must know the game of football top to bottom. They also need to have an eye for talent and set personal feelings aside when looking at the prospects.


Remember, it's about knowing if a player's talent fits the needs of the NFL team. An NFL Scout needs to recognize if players can be immediate contributors or if they will be a project that need time to develop and gain a better skill set to play in the NFL.

Let's take a look at what steps need to be taken to become an NFL Scout.

1) Get Involved in Football

Get involved with football by learning the game itself. NFL scouts do not necessarily need to have playing experience, although it is helpful. Becoming a student of the game of football is what will help the individual become an NFL scout.


2) Get Educated and Certified through the NFL

Although it is not a requirement to have a degree to become an NFL scout, it is very helpful. A lot of scouts have a bachelor's degree in sports management, business, marketing, or sales. To get certified as an NFL scout, the individual can attend the Scouting Academy. This is a course that can be taken and is taught by NFL head coaches and NFL GMs.


3) Networking

One of the most important areas in being an NFL scout is networking. Surround yourself with other scouts that have a good reputation in the NFL. This will help show that the individual has great connections and his or her work is credible.

4) Don't be afraid to start from the bottom


Individuals who are looking to get into the NFL to be a scout cannot be afraid of starting at the high school level. Starting at the lowest level gives the individual valuable experience.

It also gives the individual the opportunity to get their name out to the scouting world. Starting at the bottom will also give them the drive to make it to the top and finally land a great internship with an NFL team to become a permanent scout.

5) Do it for the love of the game, not the money

When starting out as a scout, the financial benefits may not be there right away. The best scouts in the NFL do not do it for the money. They do it because they love the game of football. As a scout, an individual must be able to put a lot of their time and effort into it for little pay, especially in the initial stages.

But the more they get their name out there and the more they work, the bigger the opportunities they receive.

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