Four of the league's biggest stars, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Aaron Donald, in a preview of the 2021 NFL season.

5 NFL teams to put your money on in 2021

Over/under win totals contain some of the best value you will find in sports betting. Oddsmakers often highly overrate or underrate teams in the preseason based on a variety of factors. This year, there are five specific over/under bets that have a lot of value and can net you some serious cash.

Much needed offensive reinforcements

Number 1: Washington Football Team. The over/under on the WFT is currently 8 as Vegas has the WFT finishing below .500 at 8-9. The team without a name finished 7-9 last year but played most of their games without an established QB. During the 2020 season, Washington went 5-1 in games Alex Smith started and 2-8 when he didn't. Washington has made upgrades at key offensive positions by bringing in seasoned veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick and dynamic playmaker Curtis Samuel. The NFC East is a very weak division, as usual, and the Football Team should overcome their limited offense and win the division. OVER 8.

The end of Big Ben

Number 2: Pittsburgh Steelers. The over/under for the Steelers this season is 8.5, an even .500 with the new seventeen-game season. Unfourtunely for the Steelers, each one of their divisional adversaries has drafted and developed a franchise QB. Not only does Pittsburgh have an old, aging, immobile QB, but their offensive line is the worst it's been in years.


Najee Harris, an elite RB from the University of Alabama, will help with this issue but certainly won't solve it completely. The Steel City will be disappointed with its production in 2021 and will turn in a losing record for the first time since 2003. UNDER 8.5.

Oh, when the Saints....

Number 3: New Orleans Saints. The over/under for the Saints sits at an even 9. Vegas, like many football savants, has major questions about the QB play in New Orleans. The last time the league saw former first overall pick Jameis Winston play a full season, it resulted in 30 interceptions. The other QB on the roster, Taysom Hill, led the Saints to a 3-1 record as the starter last season and has played well in his gadget role. Sean Payton, one of the top five coaches in the NFL, has all offseason to develop an offensive gameplan for his new-look offense. It will feature a very heavy dose of all-world RB Alvin Kamara, regardless of who's under center. Payton always finds a way to win and the Saints have won at least eleven games in each of the past four seasons while dealing with turmoil at the QB position. Even without Drew Brees, the Saints will win their 5th straight division title easily passing the 9 win mark. OVER 9.

All eyes on Aaron


Number 4: Green Bay Packers. The current over/under for the Packers is set at 10.5. There is some real value here despite the rumors swirling around NFL legend Aaron Rodgers. The Packers have reached the NFC Championship game in back-to-back seasons while winning the NFC North and easily eclipsing the 10.5 win mark. They've made a contentious effort to improve their secondary and have developed and signed some underrated pass rushers. Rodgers is expected to report at some point soon and if he indeed returns to the green and yellow they will make another deep run. OVER 10.5.

Inexperienced coach + a loaded division= recipe for disaster

Number 5: Arizona Cardinals. The over/under for Arizona is currently 8.5, a .500 team according to Vegas. Talent isn't an issue for this Cardinals team.Chandler Jones, J.J. Watt and Budda Baker are all All-Pro Caliber defensive playmakers, as is DeAndre Hopkins on the offensive side of the ball. Kyler Murray has to take the next step with his accuracy but this team should score a lot. Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona's head coach, hasn't shown that he can outcoach his contemperaires. In a division with Sean McVay, Pete Carroll and Kyle Shanahan, this is a major problem.


The stacked NFC West is another reason the Cardinals will struggle this season. The toughest division in the NFL last season only got better with multiple healthy options at the QB position in San Francisco and the addition of Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles. The Cardinals will have a losing intradivisional record and miss out on the opportunity to play postseason football. UNDER 8.5.

There are a few other over/under bets I like this season but these are the main five. Follow me on twitter @realdtharrison for more NFL analysis.

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