New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

The truth about Drew Brees face 'scar'

Drew Brees has done a lot of good things since being in the NFL. He has set multiple records and has won a Super Bowl. He has single handedly turned around the New Orleans Saints franchise.

With all the positive things that Brees has brought during his NFL career there is still one question that is always asked. "What is the mark on Drew Brees' face?" This mark would bring a lot of cruel comments to Brees when he was younger. Kids would make comments to him about it throughout his childhood.


As Drew Brees became more of a public figure he began to speak out about the mark on his face.

Drew Brees was born with a 'scar' (birthmark) on his face and it would impact his life to this day

Drew Brees would do an interview on CNN and his birthmark was brought up. Brees would go on telling CNN that he was bullied as a child because of his birthmark. Brees knowing that he was born with the birthmark and knew there was nothing that he could do about it as a child.


Brees would tell CNN that kids would make comments like "wipe that whatever off your face" and would nickname him Spot. Brees felt that the kids were trying to be hurtful towards him. In 2010, Drew Brees would stand up against bullies in an interview with NBC Sports.

Brees would do an ad on television that would speak volumes to individuals who are being bullied. Brees would call bullies ignorant and explain that making fun of someone because they are different doesn't make you tough. Drew Brees wanted his fans and the victims to know that he was standing behind them when it came to standing up against bullies.

How the New Orleans Saints fan base stood behind Drew Brees' birthmark


To this day the New Orleans Saints fan base stands behind their quarterback and his birthmark. Some fans wear a sticker on their right cheek that resembles the birthmark that Brees has. This is their way of showing Drew Brees that they stand behind him and his birthmark.

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Brees would write a book called "Coming Back Stronger" and in that book he would discuss his birthmark. Brees would mention that his birthmark is just like his throwing arm. He would go on saying that the birthmark is a part of him and he will begin to embrace it instead of finding it as a bad thing.

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