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Drew Brees is a former American Football Player who last played for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League (NFL). Brees who was the no. 32 pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, is among the select few quarterbacks who have started in their 40s in the history of the NFL. Brees has set the all-time records in passing yards (78,422) and touchdowns (555). Brees has led the NFL in passing yards seven times and TD passes four times, and 2019 was his first season in the NFL after turning 40.

He was someone who contemplated retirement after a 26-20 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC wild-card round in the 2019 season. Drew Brees had signed a two-year, $50 million contract on March 16, 2020, with the New Orleans Saints. In the 2020 season, Brees had a base salary of $2 million which will jump to $25 million in 2021. On January 15, 2021 Brees turned 42, and it marked his 20th NFL season, one in which he dealt with 11 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. After a lot of speculation, Brees finally retired after the 2020-21 NFL season.

Following his retirement, Brees joined NBC Sports as a game analyst on the Notre Dame broadcasts of the network, on Saturdays and then on Sundays, a studio analyst for NBC's "Football Night in America”. He left NBC after May 15th, 2022.

Drew Brees

What is Drew Brees’ current contract?

Drew Brees’ Last NFL Contract

On March 17, 2020, Drew Brees signed a two year contract worth $50 million to keep him with the Saints through the 2021 season. As part of that contract, Brees received a $23 million signing bonus. However, Brees’ contract was not as simple as just a two-year deal worth $50 million.

The 2021 season was set to be the final year of Drew Brees’ contract. However, for salary cap purposes, the contract actually affected the Saints until the 2023 season. The reason for this? The Saints included two “void” years at the end of Brees’ deal. This allowed the Saints to spread that $23 million signing bonus across four years on their cap.

2020 Saints Contract

YearAgeBase SalaryProrated BonusGuaranteed SalaryCap NumberCap %
Total $27,000,000$44,300,000$2,000,000$71,300,000

Thus, it was understood from the table that $25M was fully guaranteed (signing bonus + 2020 salary). The 2020 Roster Bonus is $23M (paid by 23/3/2020, fully guaranteed, treated as a signing bonus). 2022-2023 are void years ($11.5M dead cap) and are void on the last day of the 2021 league year. The contract had a no-trade and no-tag clause. Brees retired after the first year of his contract with the full guaranteed amount of the contract.

Drew Brees’ Contract With the Saints

The Saints decided to bring back the 41-Yr old future Hall of Famer, one of the best to ever play at a relative bargain, earlier in 2020. Brees announced that he was returning for a 20th NFL season, and that would definitely be with the New Orleans Saints. He has been with the Saints since 2006. Prior to this, he played for the San Diego Chargers. The quarterback's new contract with the Saints is for 2 years at a total of $50 million dollars. The deal includes a signing bonus of $23 million. In 2020, Brees counted $23.65 million against the Saints salary cap, a number far lower than several other quarterbacks throughout the league.

In 2021, his cap hit will escalate to $36.15 million if the quarterback does elect to play beyond this season barring any further renegotiations. During the 2022 season, the Saints will earn $11.5 million in dead cap space, once this deal of Brees expires. It is a no-trade and no tag clause contract. Till now with the Saints, Brees has had an earning of $259,250,000, since signing with them in 2006 as a free agent.

How many years does Drew Brees have left on his contract?

As per reports, Drew Brees and the Saints agreed to terms on a two-year, $50 million contract. An all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes for the NFL, Brees has at least two years left in him. The 42-year-old signal-caller came off of his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl season. Despite missing five games with a hand injury last season, Brees led the NFL in completion percentage for the third consecutive year and for the sixth time in his career. While leading the Saints to an NFC South division title, he also threw 27 touchdowns against just four interceptions. Brees however, retired with 3 years remaining in his NFL contract with the Saints. Although the latter two years of his contract were ‘void’ years, Brees’ could have earned money through bonuses.

Drew Brees Contract History

TeamYearContractSalarySigning BonusGuaranteed
San Diego Chargers2001Drafted$901,250$1,845,000$1,845,000
San Diego Chargers2005Franchise$8,078,000__
New Orleans Saints2006Unrestricted Free Agent$10,000,000$8,000,000$20,000,000
New Orleans Saints2012Franchise$20,000,000$37,000,000$40,000,000
New Orleans Saints2016Extension$24,250,000$30,000,000$24,250,000
New Orleans Saints2018Unrestricted Free Agent$25,000,00013,500,000$27,000,000
New Orleans Saints2020Unrestricted Free Agent$25,000,000_$25,000,000

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What is Drew Brees' Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Drew Brees retired with a net worth of around $160 Million.

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