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What is the NFL Lineup Optimizer?

A Fantasy Football DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) lineup optimizer is a tool that assists players in crafting the most competitive lineups for daily or weekly fantasy football contests. By analyzing player projections, adhering to salary caps, and considering positional requirements, the optimizer recommends player combinations that maximize potential points.

The Sportskeeda DFS lineup optimizer takes into consideration the weekly projections of all players and teams in the NFL. Its main job is to provide the users with the best possible combination of players that will score the maximum points in fantasy drafts.

So basically, while you are busy with your work and other important daily tasks, preventing you from researching the necessary information based on which you will select the players, the lineup optimizer will do all the work for you. It will project the best possible lineup from the inputs that you give and with the amount of cost available.

In this way, you can generate your desired lineup within a matter of a few seconds just by inputting the options desirable for you.

How does the DFS Lineup Optimizer work?

First and foremost, this lineup optimizer enables you to build a lineup for DraftKings as well as FanDuel. Here is the step by step guide:-

Step 1: You can select the website via a dropdown on the top for which you intend to create your lineup.

Step 2: Next, you have the option of selecting one of the 5 possible classic slates which are as follows:

  • Thu-Mon Classic

  • Main Classic

  • Early Only Classic

  • Sun-Mon Classic

  • Late Only Classic

Step 3: You may remove players from any team you do not wish to have in your lineup by tapping on the team name/logo.

Step 4: Enter the number of lineups you want to build up to 150 and hit Build!

What Customizations Are Available in Our NFL DFS Optimizer?

Although our lineup optimizer creates the perfect Lineups based on the previous performance of the players, still you have the option of influencing the build from the ‘Player Pool’.

  • If you have a favorite player that must be present in your lineups, you can ‘lock’ the player. The locked player will be present on all the lineups and the rest of the players would be adjusted accordingly.

  • On the other hand, if a player’s performance is questionable or you simply don't like the player you can exclude the player using the ‘X’ mark in front of him. The optimizer makes sure to avoid the player from all lineups.

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Tweaking the Lineups

Once the lineups are ready you can still edit them to make them perfect for you.You may change a player by tapping on the ‘X’ in front of the player. A list containing suggested players will come up. You have 2 options:-

  • You may select your favorite player from the list and the selected player will be substituted.

  • Or, you may click on ‘Auto Substitute’ and let the tool pick the Next Best player.


Q. How many lineups can be created in the lineup optimizer?

The lineup optimizer tool enables you to create multiple lineups so you can have several options while creating your fantasy team.

For which website does this lineup optimizer create the lineups?

This lineup optimizer is currently able to create lineups for DraftKings and FanDuel.

Can you filter players according to their positions?

Yes, players can be filtered according to their positions with the main ones being the quarterback, running back, wide receivers, tight ends, flex, and defense and special teams.

Can you select a few players to feature in all your lineups?

Yes, you can place locks on players which will enable them to feature in all the lineups while the remaining lineup is built around them.