Gridle - The NFL Wordle

Guess NFL Players' Last Names!
How to Play

Introducing "Gridle: The NFL Wordle"! Are you a die-hard NFL fan with a knack for player knowledge? Get ready to put your expertise to the test with this addictive and challenging game. Gridle combines the excitement of the popular word-guessing game with the thrill of guessing the last names of NFL players.

How to play NFL Wordle?

Step 1: Start the Game Launch the NFL Wordle game on your preferred device, such as a computer or smartphone.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Rules Read the rules and instructions provided in the game interface to understand how the game works. Make sure you understand the objective and the number of chances you have to guess the player's last name.

Step 3: Guess the Last Name The game will present you with a series of blank spaces, each representing a letter in the last name of a current NFL player. Your goal is to guess the correct last name within six chances.

Step 4: Enter Your Guess Using the provided interface, enter a five-letter guess for the last name of the NFL player. You can type the letters using the keyboard or select them from a given set of options.

Step 5: Evaluate Your Guess After entering your guess, the game will provide feedback based on your input. The feedback may include the following:

  • Correct Letters in Correct Positions: If you guessed a letter correctly and it's in the right position, the game will indicate this, and will highlight the cell in Green color
  • Correct Letters in Wrong Positions: If you guessed a correct letter but it's in the wrong position, the game will indicate this with a Orange color
  • Incorrect Letters: If you guessed a letter that is not present in the player's last name, the game will indicate this, with a blue indicator

Step 6: Adjust Your Guesses Based on the feedback received, analyze the correct and incorrect letters to refine your guesses. Use this information to eliminate incorrect options and focus on potential correct letters and their positions.

Step 7: Guess Again Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each subsequent guess. Try to narrow down the possibilities with each iteration and utilize the feedback to make informed decisions.

Step 8: Win or Lose Continue guessing until you either guess the correct last name within the given number of chances (six in this case) or run out of guesses. If you successfully guess the last name, you win the game. If not, you lose, and the game may reveal the correct answer.