Deebo Samuel’s Contract

Deebo Samuel was drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. The dynamic wide receiver had a great first season as the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl in 2020. His 53 rushing yards were the most by any wide receiver in Super Bowl history. The young wide receiver has already been part of a Pro-Bowl selection (2021) and received First-Team All-Pro honors in 2021.

Deebo Samuel initially signed a 4-year rookie contract with the 49ers in 2019 worth $7.2 million. After talks of being traded by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2022 off-season, Deebo Samuel contract extension took place in 2022 for a 3-year deal worth $71,550,000.

Deebo Samuel Contract
Deebo Samuel with the 49ers

Deebo Samuel Contract Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of Deebo Samuel’s current contract with the San Francisco 49ers :

YearSigningAverage SalaryGuaranteed at SigningTotal GTD
3 yr(s) / $71,550,000$24,035,000$23,850,000$41,000,000$58,100,000
YearBase SalarySigningCap HitDead CapYearly Cash
Potential Out: 2025, 3 yr, $58,367,000; $15,143,000 dead cap

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How much is Deebo Samuel getting paid?

Deebo Samuel is currently set to receive around $23.85 million annually after signing a new contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers in July 2022. Samuels received a heavy signing bonus of $24 million.

In 2023, Deebo Samuel will earn a base salary of around $1,080,000 while carrying a cap hit of $8,653,521. In the upcoming 2024 season, Samuel will earn a base salary of $20,972,000.

How much does Deebo Samuel make in a minute?

After signing his contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers, Samuel is earning a massive amount of approximately $45.3 per minute. Samuel is currently one of the best-paid wide receivers in the entire NFL.

What are the terms of Deebo Samuel’s Contract?

Deebo Samuel signed a three-year contract worth $71.5 million with the 49ers. The contract is an extension on his earlier rookie contract with the franchise. The contract also guarantees him $58.1 million in total. He received $41 million of the guaranteed amount during signing.

Most of his earnings are in the form of bonuses. His base salary is lower in the first two years of his contract and in 2024 he will earn a base salary of $20.9 million. In 2025 the 49ers have the option of letting Deebo Samuel go from the team, If he does continue, he will stay with the franchise till 2027.

His contract involves yearly incentives worth $650,000 if he manages to rush for more than 380 yards. He can also earn an extra $150,000 in bonuses if he manages to score three rushing touchdowns. The contract also involves a workout bonus of $50,000 in 2022 and $200,000 thereafter till 2025.

  • $41M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2022 salary + 2023 compensation + $4.555M of 2024 salary)

  • 2023 Option Bonus: $9.215M (guaranteed)

  • Per Game Active Bonus: $44,117 ($750,000, guaranteed in 2023, injury guaranteed in 2024)

  • The remaining $16.417M of 2024 salary fully guarantees 4/1/23 (injury guaranteed at sign)

  • 2023-25 Annual Incentives (max $650,000)
    $650,000 for 380+ Rush yards
    $150,000 for 3 Rush TDs

  • 2026-2027 automatically void ($8.49M dead cap)

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How much of Deebo Samuel’s Contract is guaranteed?

The San Francisco 49ers have guaranteed Deebo Samuel a total of $58.1 million. This is the highest-ever guaranteed amount for a wide receiver in the history of the NFL. He received $41 million of the guaranteed amount at the time of signing his contract extension.

Deebo Samuel Contract History

YearTeamSigningAverage SalaryGuaranteed at SigningTotal GTD
4 yr(s) / $7,247,476 (2019-2022)San Francisco 49ers$3,618,076$1,811,869$4,731,791$4,731,791

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Q. Is Deebo Samuel a free agent?

A. Deebo Samuel is not a free agent as he signed a contract extension in 2022 which will keep him with the 49ers till the end of the 2025 season.

Q. How long is Deebo Samuel contract with the 49ers?

A. Deebo Samuel signed a three-year contract extension with the 49ers before the 2023 NFL season. His contract will expire after the 2025 NFL season.

Q. Is Deebo Samuel a running back?

A. Primarily, Deebo Samuel is a wide receiver, but he has the ability to function as a running back as well.

Q. Which college did Deebo Samuel go to?

A. Deebo Samuel attended the University of South Carolina where he played football for the South Carolina Gamecocks' football team.