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DeAndre ‘Nuk’ Hopkins is one of the most lethal wide receivers who currently play in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013 as pick number 27 of Round 1 of the NFL Draft. DeAndre Hopkins was born on June 6, 1992 in Clemson, South Carolina. He began playing football at Clemson University and was among the best players to have represented the college. He led the team to an ACC Championship in 2011.

In 2020, the Texans made a daring move to trade Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals and faced criticism from sports analysts. Hopkins proved the Texans wrong by recording a career-high 14 receptions for 151 yards in his debut match against the San Francisco 49ers in a 24–20 win and was NFL Offensive Player of the Week in Week 10 after scoring the winning touchdown to defeat the Buffalo Bills.

Hopkins was named to five All-Pro teams and is a five-time Pro Bowler. He is the youngest player to reach 700 catches, and continues to impress with his performance.

DeAndre Hopkins

Deandre Hopkins Contract Breakdown

ContractSigning BonusAverage SalaryGTD at SignTotal GTD
2 yr(s) / $54,500,000$27,500,000$27,250,000$42,750,000$60,050,000

YearBase SalarySigning BonusOptionRestructureCap HitDead CapYearly Cash
2020$1,500,000$5,500,000--$7,000,000$42,750,000$27,228,881 ($27,228,881)
2021$4,750,000$5,500,000$2,250,000-$12,500,000$35,750,000$13,750,000 ($40,978,881)
2022$6,650,000$5,500,000$2,250,000$3,550,000$25,050,000$23,250,000$16,116,667 ($57,095,548)
Potential Out: 2023, ; 3 yr, $57,095,548$22,600,000 dead cap
2023$19,450,000$5,500,000$2,250,000$3,550,000$30,750,000 $22,600,000$19,450,000 ($76,545,548)
2024$14,915,000$5,500,000$2,250,000$3,550,000$26,215,000$11,300,000$14,915,000 ($91,460,548)

What are the terms of Deandre Hopkins’ contract?

DeAndre Hopkins signed a 2 year, $54,500,000 contract with the Arizona Cardinals in 2020. The contract included a $27,500,000 signing bonus, $60,050,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $27,250,000. According to the terms of the contract, Hopkins can void 2024 by either scoring 400 receptions, 5,000 receiving yards, 40 touchdowns, or 4 All-Pro selections through 2020-2023. He can earn the void by fulfilling any of the terms of statistical terms for the void. Hopkins’ contract includes a no trade clause and can also not be franchise tagged after the expiration of the contract.

Deandre Hopkins Contract History

YearContractSigning BonusAverage SalaryGTD at SignTotal GTD
2013 - 20174 yr(s) / $7,626,702$3,926,692$1,906,676$6,181,697$6,181,697
2017 - 20225 yr(s) / $81,000,000$7,500,000$16,200,000$36,500,000$49,000,000

How many years are left on DeAndre Hopkins's contract?

DeAndre Hopkins is currently in the final year of his contract with the Arizona Cardinals. His contract includes an option bonus (for the year 2024). His salary is slated to increase through 2023 and 2024 if he fulfills the performance statistics as part of his contract.

What is Deandre Hopkins’ salary?

The Cardinals’ wide receiver has an average annual salary of $27.25 million. In 2022 Hopkins is set to earn at least $16,116,667, out of which $6.65 million became guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2021 NFL season.

What is Deandre Hopkins’ net worth?

DeAndre Hopkins has amassed a net worth of approximately $40 million. He is among the fastest rising and most dominating players in the league.

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