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Kyler Murray is a lethal quarterback who shows a lot of promise since his debut in the NFL in the 2019 season. Murray was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals as the overall first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. He won the NFL Rookie Offensive Player of the Year award in 2019. In the 2021 NFL he led the Cardinals to their first playoff appearance since 2015. With two Pro-Bowl appearances in 2020 and 2021 Kyler Murray is set to live up to his potential. Murray had initially signed a four-year rookie contract worth $35.2 million with the Cardinals in 2019. In July 2022, he signed a massive $230.5 million contract extension of 5-years which keeps him with the Cardinals 2028.

Kyler Murray Contract Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of Kyler Murray’s current contract with the Arizona Cardinals :

YearSigningAverage SalaryGuaranteed at SigningTotal GTD
5 yr(s) / $230,500,000$29,035,000$46,100,000$103,300,000$189,500,000

YearBase SalarySigningCap HitDead CapYearly Cash
Potential Out: 2028, 6 yr, $219,335,000; $0 dead cap

How much is Kyler Murray getting paid?

Kyler Murray has signed a very lucrative contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals worth $230.5 million. As per his current contract his average annual salary is expected to be approximately $46.1 million.

In 2022 Kyler Murray is going to earn a base salary of $965,000. He is also earning a massive bonus of $29.035 million. In 2022 Kyler Murray’s contract carries a cap hit of $12,669,481 and a dead cap value of $110,197,481.

How much does Kyler Murray make in a minute?

Kyler Murray’s contract is earning him around $87.7 per minute from his current contract.

What are the terms of Kyler Murray’s Contract?

Kyler Murray signed a massive five-year contract extension worth $230.5 million with the Arizona Cardinals in July, 2022. He received a guaranteed amount of $103.3 million at the time of signing. This included the signing bonus, his base salary for 2022, his 2023 salary and $35 million of his salary for 2024.

Kyler Murray’s contract includes a roster bonus from 2024 onwards. In 2024 his roster guarantees him $850,000. His roster bonus is set to increase from 2025 onwards as he will earn around $12.75 million. The roster bonus for 2026 is around $17.85 million and in 2027 the roster bonus is around $15.035 million. The contract also includes a workout bonus of $1 million for 2023 and 2024. The workout bonus increases to approximately $1.8 million in 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028.

Kyler Murray’s contract includes a clause where the Arizona Cardinals can decide to terminate the contract in 2028. If they decide to continue with Murray then the contract will keep him with the franchise till 2028. Initially his contract extension also included an ‘independent study’ clause which would require Murray to involve around 4 hours of independent study in each game week. However, that clause was later removed from the contract.

Murray’s contract also has room for incentives of around $1.5 million each year. If he completed 600 rush yards and 6 rushing touchdowns each season, he could earn an additional $750,000. If Murray completes 70% of the season's snaps and 70% of the NFC Championship snaps and registers and NFC Championship win, then he could earn an additional $750,000.

  • $103.3M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2022 salary + 2023 salary/option + $35.3M of 2024 salary)

  • $18M 2025 salary fully guarantees the 5th league day of 2024 (injury at signing)

  • $22.835M 2026 salary fully guarantees the 5th league day of 2025 (injury at signing)

  • $19.5M 2027 salary fully guarantees the 5th league day of 2026

  • 2023 Option Bonus: $36M (guaranteed, due the 10th league day of 2023)

  • 2025 90 Man Roster Bonus: $11.9M (fully guarantees the 5th league day of 2024, injury at signing)

  • 2026 90 Man Roster Bonus: $17M (fully guarantees the 5th league day of 2025, injury at signing)

  • 2027 90 Man Roster Bonus: $14.185M (due the 5th league day of 2027)

  • 2028 90 Man Roster Bonus: $7.7M (due the 5th league day of 2028)

  • 2028 Training Camp Bonus: $2M

  • 2023-2024 Workout Bonus: $1M

  • 2025-2026 Workout Bonus: $1.8575M

  • 2027-2028 Workout Bonus: $1.8M

  • 2024-2028 Per Game Active Bonus: $50,000 ($850,000)

  • Incentives: $7.5M ($1.5M annually)
    600 Rush Yards + 6 Rush TDS: $750,000
    70% Regular Season snaps + 70% NFC Championship Snaps + NFC Champ win: $750,000

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How much of Kyler Murray’s Contract is guaranteed?

Kyler Murray became the second highest paid NFL quarterback after Aaron Rodger when he signed his five-year contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals. The contract extension is worth a total of $230 million. Out of the total contract, Kyler Murray is guaranteed to receive $189 million. He already received $103 million of the guaranteed money at the time of singing the contract.

Kyler Murray Contract History