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Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs

How to watch NFL games on Firestick

This feature will direct you on how to watch the NFL Games on FireStick.

The NFL returns to our screens later this year. The NFL is arguably the number one sport for American television viewers. Beginning September 9, 2021, you will see the 32 teams compete to win the Vince Lombardy Trophy in the Super Bowl Championship. With Amazon Fire TV devices like FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, and Fire TV Cube, there are now many options to catch the games.

Watch the NFL games on FireStick

How to Watch NFL Live Streams on Firestick

NFL Live Stream Method: Paid Streaming Service

This is the best option for those willing to pay to watch the NFL.



The authorized NFL app is one of the most popular methods for streaming NFL games on FireStick. This free app provides users with free live, local, and prime-time NFL games. You'll also have access to highlights, breaking news, and NFL shows.

The NFL app can be installed in popular app stores like Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon.


Our first matchup: Herbert vs. Mahomes. @Chargers vs. @Chiefs.

A new era of football begins this season only on @PrimeVideo. #TNFonPrime

Amazon Prime Video


Prices Starting with a free three-day trial, you will then be charged on a monthly or annual basis. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service. You can watch films, concerts and sports. It also includes matches by the NFL, MLB and NBA.

FireStick comes pre-installed with the Prime Video service and does not require manual installation.

Watch the NFL games on Amazon Prime

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the more reasonable alternatives for streaming NFL games on FireStick. The service comes with more than 50 channels in Full HD quality. The pleasing statement is that you are not confined to FireStick only.


Sling TV is available on almost any tech containing iOS, Android television, Apple TV, and NVIDIA Shield. Regardless of your model, Sling TV will cover you. Sling offers a $10 monthly plan for new subscribers. If you're interested in the ESPN channel, go to the Orange bundle.

NFL Online Free Streaming Live Games at Kodi

Kodi provides free multi-platform home cinema software. It works with FireStick, Fire TV, PC, Raspberry Pi, or a smartphone with Kodi. Streaming appliances such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Roku work with the proper setup.

Watch NFL on Firestick using Hulu.

Hulu is another of the most famous streaming apps and broadcasts the NFL on Live TV. If you are a member of Hulu, you can watch NFL games on ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX. Firestick users can access the Hulu app straight from the Amazon Store.

Swift Streamz

Swift Stream is a live TV streaming application providing access to many live channels on FireStick. It also has a VOD section where you can stream popular movies and TV shows. You can find various sports channels such as ESPN, Sky Sports, and NBC and NFL games. The main part of Swift Streamz is that all the content available on this app is free to stream.

Swift Streamz cannot be downloaded straight from the Amazon app store. You are required to sideload with the aid of the app.

Watch NFL on Firestick via Ola TV


Ola TV is a live TV app that provides users with hundreds of cable TV channels, both domestic and international.

As a third-party app, you need to allow FireStick to download it. If you have already downloaded a third-party app, go to that third-party site and install it.


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