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University of Michigan Wolverines quarterback Tom Brady

What accomplishments did Tom Brady have at the University of Michigan?

Tom Brady was not a top prospect coming out of Serra High School in San Mateo, California.

His junior year in high school his father, Tom Brady Sr. would start to put together tapes of Brady's quarterback highlights. Tom Brady Sr. would put together these tapes and start sending them off to the top schools in the country.


Tom Brady had more baseball offers than football offers. The young quarterback wanted to play football and would do anything to make that happen. In Tom Brady's senior year at Serra High School he would be drafted by the Montreal Expos which made everyone think he would play professional baseball.

Brady never gave up on football and wanted to prove that he could be a top athlete in both sports. Brady and his father sat down and narrowed the football search down to five schools that he could be successful at. The five schools were Cal-Berkley, UCLA, USC, Michigan and Illinois.

University of Michigan assistant coach Bill Harris was really high on Tom Brady and what he brought to the table. Tom Brady's drive is what made him a lock for the University of Michigan. Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr wanted to redshirt freshman quarterback Tom Brady.

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Tom Brady wouldn't see much playing time in his freshman and sophomore seasons at the University of Michigan. He would only play a total of six games for the Wolverines. Brady would only record 129 passing yards in the six games that he appeared in. He would not record a single touchdown but would throw an interception in his freshman year.


Lets take a look at how Tom Brady became a household name for the University of Michigan Wolverines football team in his junior and senior years.

Tom Brady's Junior and Senior years at Michigan

In the 1998 College Football Season, Tom Brady would rack up 2,427 passing yards, 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He would complete 61.9% of his passes for the Wolverines in his junior year. Michigan would finish the 1998 College Football Season with a record of 10-3. Brady would take Michigan into the Citrus Bowl and defeat the Arkansas Razorbacks 45-31.

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The 1999 College Football Season was when Tom Brady really made a big name at Michigan. During his senior season, Tom Brady would record 2,217 passing yards, 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Brady would also complete 61% of his passes during his senior season. Michigan would finish his senior season with a record of 10-2. The Wolverines would head into a Orange Bowl meeting with Alabama. Tom Brady would lead Michigan to a Orange Bowl victory over Alabama 35-34.


What did Tom Brady accomplish at the University of Michigan

In the two seasons that Tom Brady started for the University of Michigan, he engraved his name into their football record books. Lets take a look at the records Tom Brady has engraved his name on.

  • Tied for 3rd in Michigan passing touchdowns in a single game: 4 passing touchdowns against Alabama in the Orange Bowl
  • 4th in career 200 yard passing games at Michigan: Tom Brady passed for 200 yards in 15 games at Michigan
  • Tied 5th in most 200 yard passing games in a season: Brady would pass for 200 yards in 8 games during the 1998 College Football Season
  • 5th in average passing yards per game at Michigan: Tom Brady would average 172.6 yards per game
  • 6th in single-game passing yards at Michigan: Tom Brady passed for 375 yards against the Ohio State Buckeyes during the 1998 College Football Season.
  • 10th in career touchdown passes: Tom Brady threw 35 touchdown passes in his career at Michigan
  • Tied for 10th in longest touchdown pass in a single game: Brady would throw a 76 yard touchdown pass to Tai Streets against Minnesota in the 1998 College Football Season

Tom Brady's college accomplishments do not come close to what he has accomplished in his NFL career. During his two years starting for the University of Michigan he would be named to the 1998 All-Big Ten Honorable Mention team and the 1999 All-Big Ten Honorable Mention team. Brady has surpassed all expectations in the NFL and is still hungry for his seventh Super Bowl Championship.

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