Former Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

Who has the most MVPs in the NFL?

Peyton Manning has won the most MVPs (5) in the NFL. Peyton Manning was one of the best quarterbacks to play in the league. He may have been the best quarterback at reading an NFL defense. Manning put together a Hall of Fame type career with both the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.

Manning would win Super Bowl Championships with both the Colts and Broncos. With the Broncos he would lead the highest scoring offense in NFL history. Peyton Manning would pass for 55 touchdowns for the Denver Broncos during the 2013 NFL Season.


During his 17 year career, Peyton Manning would only fall under 25+ touchdown passes once. That season was the 2015 NFL Season which was his last year where he threw 9 touchdowns in the nine games he played. Manning holds one thing that Tom Brady does not when it comes to NFL records.

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Peyton Manning's Record 5 NFL MVP Awards


Peyton Manning would win the NFL MVP Award five times, which is a record that holds today. The next closest player to Manning is Tom Brady with three NFL MVP awards. If Aaron Rodgers wins the 2020-2021 NFL MVP Award on February 6th he will have three NFL MVP Awards as well only trailing Manning by two. Let us take a look at the five seasons Peyton Manning took home the NFL MVP Award.

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2003 NFL Season: Peyton Manning's 1st MVP Season Stats

-- Completions: 379

-- Attempts: 566


-- Completion Percentage: 67%

-- Passing Yards: 4,267 yards

-- Touchdowns: 29

-- Interceptions: 10

Peyton Manning's first NFL MVP Award would come off of a (12-4) finish for the Indianapolis Colts in 2003.

2004 NFL Season: Peyton Manning's 2nd MVP Season Stats

-- Completions: 336

-- Attempts: 497

-- Completion Percentage: 67.6%

-- Passing Yards: 4,557 yards

-- Touchdowns: 49

-- Interceptions: 10

Peyton Manning would win his second straight NFL MVP Award by carrying the Indianapolis Colts to the NFL Playoffs with a (12-4) record.

2008 NFL Season: Peyton Manning's 3rd MVP Season Stats

-- Completions: 371

-- Attempts: 555

-- Completion Percentage: 66.8%

-- Passing Yards: 4,002 yards

-- Touchdowns: 27

-- Interceptions: 12

Peyton Manning would record his tenth straight season completing more than 60% of his passes for 25+ touchdown passes to win his third NFL MVP Award.

2009 NFL Season: Peyton Manning's 4th MVP Season Stats


-- Completions: 393

-- Attempts: 571

-- Completion Percentage: 68.8

-- Passing Yards: 4,500 yards

-- Touchdowns: 33

-- Interceptions: 16

Peyton Manning would complete his fourth straight season with 4,000+ passing yards on his way to his fourth NFL MVP Award.

2013 NFL Season: Peyton Manning's 5th MVP Season Stats

-- Completions: 450

-- Attempts: 659

-- Completion Percentage: 68.3

-- Passing Yards: 5,477 yards

-- Touchdowns: 55

-- Interceptions: 10

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Peyton Manning's 2013 NFL MVP was his most impressive. He would throw for a NFL record 55 touchdown passes. This record still holds as the most touchdown passes in a single season. Manning is currently first and fourth on the list of most passing touchdowns in a single season.

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