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  • How many children does Yul Edochie have? Nigerian star's second wife attacked online as 16-year-old son passes away
Yul Edochie's firstborn son [right] reportedly passed away at 16 (Image via Instagram / @yuledochie)

How many children does Yul Edochie have? Nigerian star's second wife attacked online as 16-year-old son passes away

According to recent reports from multiple outlets, Yul Edochie, a renowned Nollywood actor and father of five, lost his eldest son, Kambilichukwu, also known as Kambi, on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Kambilichukwu, who celebrated his 16th birthday this year on January 4, 2023, reportedly fell unconscious on Thursday and was rushed to the hospital.


Updates from some publications have also suggested that Kambi was up all night studying for his examination, which he gave the next day. Following his exam, he played football with his friends before suffering a seizure.

Yul Edochie has reportedly lost his first son, Kambilichukwu Edochie, two months after his 16th birthday

Netizens were quick to pay tribute after discovering the devastating news. However, many internet users also targeted Yul Edochie's second wife, Judy Austin, accusing her of being the reason behind Kambilichukwu's death.

"You have finally succeeded" - Netizens attack Yul Edochie's second wife after death of former's son


After reports of the death of Yul Edochie's first son surfaced online, a section of social media users were quick to jump the gun and blame everything on the Nigerian actor's "polygamous" relationship. Many flooded Judy Austin's comment section with accusations and hateful remarks.

Some declared that Judy Austin had "finally succeeded," alleging that the Nigerian actor-model was the reason behind the death of her husband's first son. At the same time, some left comments highlighting the repercussions of polygamous relations and also name-called her.

Comments left on Judy Austin's latest Instagram post (Image via Instagram / @judyaustin1)

As many accused Judy Austin, some of her followers came to her rescue, asking others to stop commenting on any hateful messages.

Some comments that defended Judy Austin (Image via Instagram / @judyaustin1)

Like Judy Austin, Yul also came under the radar of hate on Twitter, with many showcasing their sympathy towards the actor's first wife and Kambilichukwu's mother, May.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter, with netizens blaming Yul Edochie and his second wife:

@Naija_PR Family was blessed and doing well. You decided to be randy and bring in another woman. I feel so sorry for his wife. She’s been through a whole lot this past year
@Naija_PR His wife never going to forgive him
@Naija_PR Effect of marrying 2 wives in the 20th century
@Naija_PR The moment disunity entered his home everything is going bad, the first wife should digest the fact that a man has the right to marry as many wives as he want and bring back unity in their home, e don happen already. Ozoemena
@chizywax @Naija_PR If you bring another woman home, do you expect your first wife to still love and unite with you? She will even stop praying for him...
@chizywax @Naija_PR I believe she should pack whatever is left of her luggage and move out with her kids. She built with her man but it’s better to live in a 2bedroom with her kids alive than a mansion with no peace. Yul has exposed his family to danger, it’s now on the woman to keep her kids safe
@Naija_PR You can now see the effects of a separation home it's affects the kids more
@_bigboss55 @Naija_PR Omorrr, bro I'm also thinking the same thing, polygamy comes with a lot of baggages. I just pray God gives May the strength to pull through, cuz ko easy rara, overthinking go don finish her
@Naija_PR Two wives challenges. I hope not o. It is well take heart. 🤔
@Naija_PR Polygamous homes doesn’t really end well

Like on Instagram, some Twitter users also defended the Nigerian actor by hitting back at the hateful comments.

@FemiOla63 @Naija_PR Don't non polygamous home face disasters?
@Naija_PR This is so sad
May God give the family grace to bear this loss
Meanwhile some of y'all in this comment section need to lose part of your family so people can throw assumptions here and there
@Naija_PR Comments here makes me wonder if humanity is lost, I mean the man lost his son.
@Naija_PR It's crazy that so many people are linking the death of yul edochie's son to polygamy. Davido lost his son, Dbanj lost his son too. death can happen to anyone. That family has gone through a lot mentally. This is not the time to cancel anybody
@Wendyywayyy @Naija_PR I know. Regardless of what you think you know. Death isn't the time to chase clout. See how these same people move when they lose a loved one.
@FemiOla63 @Naija_PR You are capping rubbish is he the only man that has ever married two wives, you all know about it because he his a celebrity there are non celebrities doing polygamy and nothing happens to their kids so you people should stop and let them morn in peace and stop judging them

For the uninitiated, Yul, son of legendary Nigerian actor Pete Edochie, has been a part of Nollywood since 2005. Even before he joined the Nigerian film industry, Yul Edochie married May Aligwe, his partner of six years, in 2004 at 22.

The couple reportedly met in 1998, when Edochie was studying at the Theatre Arts at the University of Port Harcourt. Yul and May had four children after their marriage - Danielle, Kambi, Karl, and Victory.

Yul Edochie also has a kid named Star with his colleague and second wife, Judy Austin. Judy and Yul married in April 2022, while Star was born around the same month. However, the Nigerian star's second wedding didn't sit well with her first wife and many of the actor's followers.

The Nollywood actor even took to his Instagram in December 2022 to publicly apologize for forcing his relationship with Judy on his first wife, May. Through the post's caption, Yul took responsibility for his actions.

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