Despite the hate she receives from the fan community, Sakura Haruno is one of the most skilled shinobi in Naruto (Image via Pinterest)

Naruto: Top 5 Sakura Haruno moments that had fans in awe

While almost the entire Naruto fan community talks trash about Sakura, she has had her moments throughout the series.

A student of the Fifth Hokage, Sakura Haruno went from being an almost useless fangirl to being one of the strongest and most skilled medical ninjas in Konoha. Almost everyone who got a good look at her strength and abilities agreed that she was like a second Tsunade.


5 of the most iconic Sakura Haruno moments

This strong kunoichi celebrated her birthday earlier this month, and as somewhat of a late celebration, here is a list of five of the most iconic Sakura Haruno moments.


1) Formulating an antidote to Sasori's poison


Naruto Shippuden did its part well in establishing Sakura as someone entirely different from the weak crybaby fans encountered in the original Naruto.

Sakura concocts an antidote for the mysterious poison used by Sasori and practically brings Kankuro back from the brink of death, all in a day's work.

2) Fighting and ultimately taking down Sasori


This is one of the most iconic fights in all of Naruto Shippuden. Although she had Chiyo by her side, her fight with Sasori proved her worth not only as a medical ninja but also as a strong and skilled fighter.


Furthermore, this is one of the only fights where Sakura did not have Naruto or Sasuke by her side.

3) Helping Obito bring Sasuke back


This scene went on to show, once again, how far Sakura can push herself for Sasuke's sake. She used what was left of her strength to fuel Obito's Kamui after Kaguya transported Sasuke to another dimension.

4) Awakening the Byakugou seal


Yet another unforgettable Sakura moment, this might be the one where the respect for this character peaked. The moment she awakened the 100-Healings Mark, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura proved themselves as the next generation "Legendary Sannin," like their respective mentors.

5) Sakura chopping off her hair


This scene is either the most loved moment for the fans, or it is the most ridiculed. While it is true that Sakura could have put the kunai to better use than cutting off her hair to break free, it is worth noting that she practically gave up her chances of impressing Sasuke by doing so.

Her hair was something she was proud of, and although the tactical validity of this move is questionable, it is a bold one. Loved or not, this is arguably the most iconic Sakura Haruno moment.


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