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  • Terror on the Prairie: Gritty, hard-hitting, and led by Gina Carano’s exceptional performance
Promotional still of 'Terror on the Prairie' (Image via The Daily Wire)

Terror on the Prairie: Gritty, hard-hitting, and led by Gina Carano’s exceptional performance

The Daily Wire has just recently released their latest film Terror on the Prairie, starring former Star Wars alum Gina Carano as a hard-working mother-of-two who comes across a small Confederate gang in search of her husband.


The film was directed by Michael Polish and does justice to old-fashioned westerns by venturing into darker terrain with its themes of vengeance, blood, and redemption.

While much of The Daily Wire's content has been geared towards conservatism, this is a film that people of any political leaning will be able to enjoy in its realistic setting and framing of characters.

.@ginacarano: “To my cast and crew, I absolutely know the sacrifice of being a part of this and I’ll never forget it.”

Members can watch the pre-show and live premiere of #TerrorOnThePrairie tonight at 8:30pm ET! Use code: "TERROR" for 25% off here: bit.ly/3MM0dlH

So, is Terror on the Prairie a good film? No, it’s not just a good film. It’s a great film, and here’s why.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the views of the author.


Terror on the Prairie is a thrill ride

Gina Carano is terrific

Carano in the film 'Terror on the Prairie' (Image via The Daily Wire)

Say whatever you want about Gina Carano or her politics, but this talented young lady proves to hold her own in the bleak Western landscape strewn over the silver screen with grace, stoicism, and fervor. She plays a trapped young wife and is forced to protect her children while her husband is away looking for work to support his family.

Realizing that she is trapped, Carano’s character Hattie McAllister is forced to think outside the box and burn wood through the fireplace as a way to throw up an SOS signal.

Carano is a woman of many talents and has proven in this film that she is able to stand on her own two feet in a more minimal cast.

The film perfectly encapsulates Western cinema without trying too hard

Carano in the film 'Terror on the Prairie' (Image via The Daily Wire)

The film has a certain unique quality about it that just screams, “WESTERN!” and has all of the necessary tools to prove it. Most westerns are big on shootouts and old-timey music. While this film does have all of that, it puts forth a sense of pride in its themes without coming off as bombastic.


The film has a calm and collected undertone through the fire and brimstone that resonates with the audience, despite being put on edge for much of the ride. Its earnest sentimentality is something that has been rivaled by many wannabe western flicks that miss the point of being a true western movie.

It’s realistic in its implementation

Carano armed with her rifle in 'Terror on the Prairie' (Image via The Daily Wire)

In addition to its glorification of proper western cinema, the film is a realistic backdrop of a small family. Back in the day, the West was a lawless self-indulgent land full of greed and debauchery, but also had hardworking Americans that took pride in the achievements that they accomplished and the work that they did, which is a common trait of the McAllister family.

The movie goes beyond gun-slinging to better understand who these people are and why they are the way they are. The film draws a simple yet authentic portrait of a family that struggles to survive and makes the most of their situation in incredible fashion.


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