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Still from Netflix's The Power of the Dog (Image via IMDb)

'The Power of the Dog': 3 striking moments from the Benedict Cumberbatch starrer

Netflix's The Power of the Dog is a film with stunning cinematography, brilliant music score, and an unusual plot.

The story follows the story of ranch-owning cowboy Phil Burbank and his brother George, who marries a widow with a son. Being the toxic man of the West, Phil is not happy with George's decision, making it his mission to drive his wife Rose away through his unacceptable ways.


'The Power of the Dog' is worth the watch


The Power of the Dog is not just visually appealing but has striking moments throughout its runtime. It is a story of repressed emotions, toxic masculinity, and false appearances. The Power of the Dog is a definite contender for the Oscars, given that it is directed by the very best Jane Campion.

The Power of the Dog has a stunning cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, and Kodi Smit-McPhee as the leads. It also features Thomasin McKenzie, Genevieve Lemon, Keith Carradine, Frances Conroy, Peter Carroll, and Adam Beach.


The following are the most striking moments from The Power of the Dog, making the film worth a watch.

1) The snarling dog

In The Power of the Dog, Phil might be a tough guy, but he eventually accepts Peter and takes him under his wing to get him involved in the ranch business. There is a moment when the two seem to get a bit closer when Peter tells Phil about the shadows on the mountains that appear like a snarling dog, which makes Phil smile.


Before this, Phil shared his 'friendship' with his dear friend and mentor, Henry Bronco, who had sadly passed away. To Phil's surprise, Peter was the only one besides Bronco Henry who saw the dog in the shadows, whereas everyone else perceived it as a hill.

2) The incomplete love


The Power of the Dog discusses repressed se*uality and emotions through its lead character, Phil. A man who is often seen as a very toxic masculine personality puts up a mask to hide his homos**uality every day. Phil's mentor, Henry Bronco, wasn't just his mentor but also someone who introduced him to his actual self.

Phil, a man who has accepted the tough cowboy lifestyle, bathes in the river naked like all the others, but he has a secret of his own. After cleaning up, Phil goes up to his secret spot, probably a place he shared with Bronco Henry, only this time he takes a scarf along.

The scarf had the initials B.H. on it, referring to Bronco Henry. He played with it for a while, then tucked it back in his pants and got on with the day.

3) Loneliness does come to an end


There was a brief moment in The Power of the Dog when George and his wife Rose went on a drive, probably to get away from Phil. The two stop in the middle of nowhere to dance because that is what their relationship was like. They stop dancing and George takes a step back, breaking down in tears and expressing love for his wife.

George tells Rose that it feels good not to be alone anymore since the brothers acquired the ranch. He feels alone even though he has been living with Phil for almost 25 years. He is happy to have found Rose and ended his loneliness. The brothers are close even if they aren't in the same shot often. There are times when Phil worries about his brother while waiting on him.

The Power of the Dog is streaming on Netflix.

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