Elina Svitolina (L) and Marta Kostyuk (R)

Marta Kostyuk reacts to compatriot Elina Svitolina winning 1st title as mother at Strasbourg Open 2023

Ukraine's Marta Kostyuk reacted to the news of her compatriot Elina Svitolina winning her first title as a mother at the 2023 Strasbourg Open.

On Saturday, May 27, Svitolina secured her second Internationaux de Strasbourg title with a commanding 6-2, 6-3 victory over Russia's Anna Blinkova. The match lasted one hour and 33 minutes and marked Svitolina's 17th career title - her first since winning the Chicago Women's Open in 2021.


Svitolina's victory proved to be a game-changer as she gained a whopping 280 points and skyrocketed 317 spots in the WTA live rankings to become World No. 191.

Marta Kostyuk expressed her elation after Elina Svitolina won the 2023 Strasbourg Open. She promptly took to social media to share the news, even tagging Svitolina in her Instagram story.

Marta Kostyuk's Instagram story

Svitolina will next compete in the 2023 French Open, where she will face 26th seed Martina Trevisan, who was a semifinalist in the 2022 tournament.


Elina Svitolina pledges to donate her prize money from Strasbourg Open win to Ukrainian kids

Elina Svitolina

During her post-match interview at the 2023 Strasbourg Open, Elina Svitolina pledged to donate her prize money of $34,228 to help children in Ukraine, her home country that is currently fighting a war with Russia.

Svitolina has been vocal about the devastating effects of war and the plight of her compatriots. She has worked tirelessly towards relief efforts and is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the conflict.

"I would like to share this energy with Ukraine, with my homeland. I will be donating all my prize money from this tournament. Is going to go to the kids of Ukraine, (which is) much needed in this tough moment," Svitolina said.

Svitolina also expressed her gratitude to France, where the tournament was held, for their support of Ukraine and for accepting Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the war. She went on to express her fervent desire for Ukraine to emerge victorious in the ongoing conflict.

"I would like to thank France for doing unbelievable job welcoming Ukrainians and doing everything possible for them to feel like it their second home So thank you so much for everything that you do for us, and together we gonna see the light and win the war. Merci. Slava Ukraini," she added.

Svitolina has been a vocal advocate for the WTA and ATP to take a firm stance against Russia. She has consistently supported the Ukrainian army by donating her prize money earned from playing professional tennis.

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