Novak Djokovic during the Davis Cup Finals 2021

"Characteristics I had in my youth - confidence, self-belief, a great desire to win, passion and devotion for the sport, I can see these in Alcaraz, Sinner, and Zverev"- Novak Djokovic


During a recent interaction with Serbian media at the ongoing Davis Cup finals, Novak Djokovic opened up about who he turns to when he needs support and advice, his emotions on court, and how he sees himself in some of the younger players.

Djokovic highlighted that he has the ability to recognize greatness in young players, who often display similar positive characteristics as he did in his younger days.


The 34-year-old named Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz, and Alexander Zverev as players who remind him of his younger self.

"Naturally, I somehow recognize parts of myself in someone, some characteristics that I had in my youth: confidence, self-belief, a great desire to win, passion and devotion for the sport. I can see these in young (Carlos) Alcaraz, as well as in (Jannik) Sinner, and it was obvious in (Alexander) Zverev when he was coming up“, Djokovic said.

"I can be temperamental and emotional": Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is amongst those players who show a lot of emotion on the court. Djokovic, who loves to win, often appears visibly cross with himself when things are not going his way in a match.

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Be it breaking rackets or screaming at himself, the World No. 1 lets out his emotions freely to avoid letting them fester.

During the media interaction, Djokovic highlighted that aspect but also stressed the importance of mastering the art of composure, pointing out that such a skill is gained with experience.

“I can be temperamental and emotional, so I tend to like it when one shows emotion, but on the other hand also knows how to control them and remain composed in the moments that matter," Novak Djokovic said. "That skill is acquired through time: the more matches on the big stage, the better you handle yourself the next time you step onto the court."

"Their advice always comes in the opportune moments and is always just what I need to hear": Novak Djokovic

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The 20-time Major champion is widely regarded as one of the most helpful pros on tour. Djokovic willingly offers help and advice to all players seeking it from him, especially young players and those at his Academy.

Despite his perfection, Djokovic, too, is often in need of advice. When asked about who he turns to when he needs help, the World No. 1 named his family, friends and coaching team.

“Of course, from my nearest and dearest – family, friends, and the team – they know me the best and their advice always comes in the opportune moments and is always just what I need to hear," Novak Djokovic told Serbian journalists.

Djokovic went on to reveal how he has also sought advice from top sportspersons, including his former coaches Andre Agassi and Boris Becker.


The Serb mentioned that he was "close" to the late Kobe Bryant, with nine-time Grand Slam champion Monica Seles, and with Pete Sampras.

"I was close with Kobe Bryant, as well as Monica Seles, Andre Agassi and Boris Becker, who were my coaches, and Pete Sampras," added Djokovic.

During the interview, Novak Djokovic revealed that he speaks "frequently" with Tom Brady, who is regarded as the greatest quarterback in the history of American football.

Novak Djokovic revealed he often speaks to Tom Brady

The Serb said that he discusses aspects of "training and recovery" with the seven-time Super Bowl champion, who, at 44, is believed to be amongst the fittest athletes in the world of sports.

"I speak with Tom Brady frequently about training and recovery," Djokovic said. "I make an effort to make use of the opportunity to share something with all sportsmen and sportswomen, things that aided me or hindered me, and I ask questions, especially to those who have reached the pinnacle of their sport.”

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