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  • G2 Esports vs Oxygen Esports - VCT NA Challengers Mid-Season Faceoff: Predictions, where to watch, and more
G2 Esports vs Oxygen Esports - VCT NA Challengers Mid-Season Faceoff (Image via Sportskeeda)

G2 Esports vs Oxygen Esports - VCT NA Challengers Mid-Season Faceoff: Predictions, where to watch, and more

The VCT NA Challengers Mid-Season kicked off yesterday. The tournament has eight participating teams consisting of the top four from each group from the VCT NA Challengers League Split 1. The sides will compete in a double-elimination bracket to stack up circuit points for a chance at Ascension at the end of the season.

The second day of this event is scheduled for March 24, 2023, with G2 Esports and Oxygen Esports touted to go head-to-head. Here is everything you need to know before the match starts.


G2 Esports vs Oxygen Esports: Who will win the second match on Day 2 of VCT NA Challengers Mid-Season Face Off?

Day 2 of the Mid-Season Face-Off begins tomorrow. Who do you think will come out on top? #ChallengersNA

@TheGuard vs @FaZeClan
@G2VALORANT vs @OXG_Esports

@eBay - @sheetz


G2 proved itself to be the most dominant team in Group A of VCT NA Challengers Split 1. Led by Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan, a veteran of FPS games and the erstwhile leader of the Sentinels team which rose to great heights under his helm, the side has a lot of potential and is one of the favorites to win this league.


Oxygen Esports consists of relatively lesser-known names, but its leader, Mitch "mitch" Semago, rose to fame early on in the game under the Cloud9 banner. He has shown himself to be a capable leader, and the newly formed unit has managed to hold its ground against big names in the region.

This match-up looks more favorable towards G2 Esports considering its vast experience and outstanding form throughout the first split.


The two teams have only faced each other once, during their match in Group A of Split 1 of VCT NA Challengers League. As many might remember, G2 came out on top in that series.


Recent results

G2 Esports topped the group in the first split of the VCT NA Challengers League. The team won four out of five games, losing only to Turtle Troop. It quickly bounced back to score a decisive 2-0 victory over Shopify Rebellion.

Oxygen Esports was the third seed from the same group as G2. Despite not having the best start to the league, the side clinched two out of three matches, beating FaZe Clan and Turtle Troop in its last two league-stage games.


Potential lineups

G2 Esports

  • Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan (IGL)
  • Michael "dapr" Gulino
  • Maxim "wippie" Shepelev
  • Erik "penny" Penny
  • Francis "OXY" Hoang
  • Ian "Immi" Harding (Coach)

Oxygen Esports

  • Devon "randyySAVAGE" Bréard
  • Mitch "mitch" Semago (IGL)
  • Josh "pwny" VanGorder
  • Logan "skuba" Jenkins
  • Andrew "Verno" Maust
  • Preston "Juv3nile" Dornon (Coach)
  • Rustun "Rustun" Lusk (Coach)

Where to watch

The match will be livestreamed on the official Twitch channel of Knights Arena alongside the official YouTube channel of Valorant NA. You can also tune in to one of the many watch parties hosted by players and streamers.

G2 Esports will take on Oxygen Esports on March 23, 2023, at 3 pm PST/12 am CET (the next day)/4:30 am IST (the next day).

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