M42 Esports announces their Valorant roster (Image via Instagram/ M42 Esports India)

M42 Esports announces their Valorant roster featuring Ankit "V3NOM" Panth and his team

M42 Esports has finally announced their Valorant roster featuring Ankit "V3NOM" Panth and his team today. M42 Esports is a Singapore based esports organiztion. They have multiple teams in different games in Singapore, Philippines and Europe. They have now decided to extend their wings in the South Asian region. They decided to acquire an Indian Valorant squad which has announced their entry in the PC Esports in this region as well.

After weeks of speculation, M42 Esports confirms their entry into the Indian Valorant scene. Yesterday, they announced that Ankit "V3NOM" Panth will be joining their squad. Today, they revealed the remaining players of the roster as well.


M42 Esports enters into PC Esports with their new Valorant roster:

M42 Esports is one of the renowned esports organizations in the South-East Asian region. They already have teams in multiple Mobile games in Singapore and Philippines.

Ankit "V3NOM" Panth is one of the legends of the Indian FPS community, especially CS: GO. During his time with Team Brutality, he dominated the scene for a long time. In 2018, he decided to retire from the CS: GO scene.


However, a few months back, Ankit hinted at a return to the esports as a Valorant player. After a lot of speculation over the last few days, M42 Esports finally announced the arrival of V3NOM yesterday. Today, they revealed the other players of the squad as well.

M42 Esports will have a five-man roster featuring:

  • Ankit "V3NOM" Panth
  • Shelin Patel
  • Kalpesh "Sam" Kotkar
  • Aakash "RiX" More
  • Anurodh "Em0" Pashilkar

Fans are highly excited to see Ankit Panth and his team again in the competitive circuit. After joining the squad, V3NOM requested his fans to keep faith in his squad as the squad is new. He also promised that his team will try to deliver results after a few months of time. It will be interesting to see how this new team performs against the other top teams of India in the upcoming events.

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