Ankit Panth joins Valorant roster of M42 Esports ahead of VCC Qualifiers 2

Ankit "V3NOM" Panth is ready to rock the Indian Valorant scene (Image via Red Bull)
Ankit "V3NOM" Panth is ready to rock the Indian Valorant scene (Image via Red Bull)

A new piece of news has taken the whole Indian Valorant community by storm as Ankit โ€œV3NOMโ€ Panth joins the roster of M42 Esports.

In the Indian FPS community, especially CS: GO, the name of Ankit Panth is that of a legend. From being one of the veteran competitive players to becoming the literal face of esports in India, Ankit Panth has come a long way.

His journey began in the old Counter-Strike days when the esports community of India heavily leaned towards competitive FPS esports. Since joining the CS: GO roster for Team Brutality in 2008, V3NOM has secured many championship titles in India.

Apart from being well-known for his in-game skills in CS: GO, he is celebrated as the icon of Indian esports. Veteran CS: GO players making the switch for a better future in esports is no news. However, for a veteran who has been on hiatus for such a long time, returning to the professional esports scene by joining a Valorant roster is a big deal for the Indian Valorant community.

V3NOM joins Valorant ahead of VCC

As the Valorant Conquerors Championship approaches, the celebrated veteran of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wishes to test out his might in Valorant. His whole life has been driven by sheer willpower and enthusiasm.

Even back in the old days, when Ankit used to go to a basic gaming cafe in Mumbai, the people's enthusiasm surrounding him was what pushed him to join professional esports.

Holding onto that enthusiasm, combined with his game sense and aim, and already existing in the top tier of Valorant, V3NOM is determined to make a difference in the relatively new FPS. Being such a massive figure in Indian esports, fans of the Valorant community in India are ecstatic, to say the least, as the news breaks out.

While the Indian Valorant competitive scene has seen too many veterans of CS: GO joining, a face such as Ankit Panth is sure to raise some eyebrows as this news came out of the blue.

For a gamer who hasnโ€™t participated in active professional leagues for quite some time now, adjusting to the competitive environment after such a long break might turn out to be complicated. However, being a player of such caliber, Ankit โ€œV3NOMโ€ Panth might even surprise some fans.

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