A few interesting observations from this week's edition of Monday Night RAW (June 17)

3 Interesting observations from this week's RAW (June 17, 2019)

  • Roman Reigns stormed into Shane McMahon's VIP Room to send a message!
Kartik Arry
Modified 18 Jun 2019, 15:09 IST

This week's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW (17th June 2019) saw a lot of intense moments. From Roman Reigns storming into Shane McMahon's VIP Room to Drew McIntyre brutalizing his old friend Heath Slater, last night's episode had it all.


The episode had several plot threads running throughout its run-time, which made last night's RAW a comparatively interesting show to watch. It also left us with interesting developments for WWE's upcoming Stomping Grounds Pay-Per-View.

Let us take a look at some interesting observations from this week's episode of Monday Night RAW.

#3 We might have just witnessed the last episode of Firefly Fun House

"Fear is Power"

Last night's Firefly Fun House segment encapsulated some striking vignettes from previous Firefly Fun House episodes while also bringing all the puppets together for some purpose.

This seems to hint towards the fact that this was the last Firefly Fun House vignette, and Bray Wyatt might return as 'The Fiend' inside the squared circle soon.


Of course, he also fired shots at the infamous WrestleMania 33 match against Randy Orton, and towards the end of the vignette, there were some images that possibly had deeper meanings.

The former Eater of Worlds also mentioned 'Flat-Earthers' and the 'Dinosaurs are not extinct' believers, before calling out all the individuals who don't belong in society towards his cause (whatever that might be).

A resounding 'Join Us!' statement also lead to The Fiend's possible escape from purgatory, which would suggest that Bray Wyatt's new gimmick is set to appear at Stomping Grounds or on RAW next week.

If this turns out to be true, then in my opinion, these vignettes were part of some of the most innovative segments on WWE Television in this decade. It remains to be seen how this sets up Bray Wyatt's future with the company.

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Published 18 Jun 2019, 15:09 IST