3 reasons why John Morrison should have signed for AEW

John Morrison has reportedly re-signed for the WWE, but here are 3 reasons why he should have signed with All Elite Wrestling.

Edan Nissen

John Morrison has re-signed for WWE, returning to the promotion after 8 years on the independent scene

Former Impact Wrestling Champion and WWE Superstar, John Morrison, has reportedly signed a new deal with WWE. This will see Morrison return to the company he first wrestled for almost 10 years ago.

Morrison first came to light after appearing on Tough Enough where he won the season alongside Matt Cappotelli. Morrison spent 7 years on the main roster and was undoubtedly the competition's most successful winner and one of it's greatest finds.

While Morrison was offered a three-year contract to stay with the deal, Morrison chose to turn down the offer to pursue other opportunities.

After leaving WWE, Morrison would eventually find a new home at Lucha Underground wrestling under the name Johnny Mundo. During his time at Lucha Underground, Morrison was in several high-profile feuds against Prince Puma and Alberto El Patron. Then from 2017 to 2019, Morrison wrestled for Impact Wrestling under the name Johnny Impact quickly inserting himself into the main event picture.

He also wrestled for a variety of smaller promotions including 5 Star Wrestling, World Series of Wrestling, What Culture Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Reports this past week revealed Morrison had re-signed with the WWE. The deal comes after it was announced that Morrison's contract with Impact Wrestling had expired and that Lucha Underground's fifth season was basically dead in the water.

With Morrison heading to WWE, it means that he is unlikely to step into an All Elite Wrestling. However, here are 3 reasons why Morrison should have considered the fledgling All Elite Wrestling promotion to be his new home. Perhaps he could have even called himself Johnny Elite.

#3 It would have given him the freedom to still pursue acting

Johnny Morrison as Salty Johnson on Netflix's Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling TV show

While the WWE is arguably one of the best places to work as a wrestler, it isn't the best if you also want to do other things, like launch an acting career. Morrison featured on Netflix's GLOW series and was a part of 37th season of Survivor. In 2017 he produced and co-wrote Boone: The Bounty Hunter in which he played a starring role.

While WWE superstars are able to act in WWE studios movies, there aren't a whole heap of roles in those films, and they rarely achieve critical success. Considering the fact that Morrison has received critical acclaim for his roles in GLOW and a positive reception for his time on Survivor, WWE Studios movies would probably not be the place for Morrison's next big movie step.

However, with the All Elite Wrestling schedule and freedom for the performer, Morrison would have been able to persue more independent acting credits. All Elite Wrestling would also be more welcoming of the broader spectrum of fans that Morrison's acting career could bring to the company

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Published 27 Sep 2019, 12:10 IST