What's the reason for WWE keeping Roman Reigns at bay?

5 Reasons why Roman Reigns is being kept away from the WWE Championship

  • Does WWE not believe in the Big Dog anymore?
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 24 Apr 2019, 12:24 IST

#3 Roman Reigns doesn't need a title to garner heat


There are two ways that the WWE Championship works- it can either elevate a performer or it can be elevated by the performer. Someone like Jinder Mahal needed the WWE Championship to ascend to the next level and get a reaction.

But if you look at someone like Roman Reigns, he's already been the top star of WWE for many years now and therefore, always gets a reaction from the crowd. Moreover, he's in a program with Vince and Shane McMahon, two men who always get a reaction.

Therefore, I would go as far as to say that Roman Reigns does not need the title for now and Kofi Kingston needs it a lot more than The Big Dog. Therefore, the WWE Championship picture is ideal with regard to how things should ideally be.

I know that nobody's complaining about Reigns not being Champion right now.

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Published 24 Apr 2019, 12:24 IST