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Not all WWE couples manage to survive in the business

5 WWE couples that split and continued to work together

WWE has created some interesting couples over the years, but whilst the likes of Edge and Beth Phoenix or even The Undertaker and Michelle McCool have been able to continue their relationships long after their careers have come to an end, not all couples stand the test of time.


There are currently more WWE couples in WWE than ever before, but whilst there is a new relationship seemingly revealed every day, there are also a few that decide it's time to call it quits.

Many WWE relationships are built on convenience given that these stars work together for a large portion of their year, whilst others are created based on the storylines that they are put into and when these come to an end it's a completely different feeling for both stars.

The issue with being a WWE star is that if you break-up then you still have to continue to go to work because of your contract. This means that there are many couples who have split and then had to come back to work the next day.

#5. Carmella and Big Cass

Carmella and Big Cass met during their time in NXT since The Princess of Staten Island was the manager of Cass and Enzo Amore whilst they were coming through developmental. Cass and Amore were promoted ahead of Carmella which put a strain on their relationship and even though the couple was added to Total Divas and able to showcase their relationship, it wasn't enough to save it.


Carmella and Cass opted to go their separate ways at the beginning of 2017 and Cass has since been released from WWE whilst Carmella has moved on to a new relationship with WWE commentator Corey Graves. The couple also now appears on Total Divas.

#4. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, much like Carmella and Big Cass started their relationship down in NXT when Bliss worked as the manager for Blake and Murphy and helped them to win Tag Team Championship gold.


Bliss was promoted to the main roster ahead of Murphy, who was then taken off WWE TV for a while and was able to trim himself down to a size where he could be part of 205 Live. Murphy is now a former Cruiserweight Champion and went on to be part of Total Divas with Bliss. It was made apparent throughout their time on the show that they were in no hurry to get married despite quickly becoming engaged.

It was later revealed that the two stars had opted to call quits on their relationship and Bliss is now on a separate roster to Murphy as she and Nikki Cross continue to dominate the Women's Division on SmackDown whilst Murphy has been pushed into the main roster picture alongside Seth Rollins on Monday Night RAW.

#3. Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler


Dana Brooke is currently being pushed forward in the SmackDown Women's Division after years of being overlooked by the company. Whilst Brooke was working down in NXT, it was revealed that she was in a relationship with former World Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler has been in several relationships throughout his time in WWE including a relationship with Nikki Bella, which later led to a number of storylines on Total Divas. Ziggler and Brooke's relationship wasn't as public as many others on the NXT brand at that time, but the couple shared a number of images on Social Media together that made it clear that they were dating, before it as revealed that they had opted to go their separate ways towards the end of 2016 but have still continued to work together.

Ziggler and Brooke are currently both working on the Friday Night SmackDown roster and are forced to cross paths on a regular basis, so the couple obviously managed to end their relationship on a respectful note.

#2. Kayden Carter and Humberto Carrillo

Kayden Carter has become one of NXT's most exciting female wrestlers, even though she is yet to find her feet and be able to push herself forward in the division compared to the likes of Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley.

Humberto Carrillo has fared much better in his career since he's now wrestling alongside his cousin on the main roster and last night was able to pick up his first victory over Angel Garza in a tag team match that also included Rey Mysterio and Andrade.


Before Humberto and his cousin Garza made their way to WWE, Kayden Carter was a permanent fixture alongside the two stars under her indy name of Lacey Lane. The couple split before Carrillo and Lane were signed by WWE and Carrillo went on to marry last year, but it appears that the two stars have been able to remain friends ever since.

Right now Carter and Carrillo are on separate brands but at some point they will be forced to cross paths in WWE.

#1. Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio

Charlotte Flair's current relationship with Andrade has become one of the best-known unions in WWE at present, alongside Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, but this isn't the first relationship that Charlotte has been part of in WWE.

A few years ago, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the union of Paige and Alberto Del Rio, since Charlotte was reported to be in a relationship with the former World Champion before Del Rio moved on to a public engagement with the British star.


Charlotte and Del Rio were forced to work together in WWE for a number of months before Del Rio was released, but many fans were focused on Del Rio and Paige's relationship throughout 2016 rather than Charlotte who continued to lead the WWE Women's Division.

Paige and Del Rio split before the former Divas Champion returned to WWE back in 2017 whilst Charlotte has moved on to become engaged to Andrade and the couple looks to be extremely happy in all of the Instagram images that they share.

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