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5 WWE dads that were totally fake

The WWE is currently the biggest sports entertainment company in the world. The company currently airs three weekly shows on the USA Network - Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live and the NXT.


Raw airs for 3 hours whereas Smackdown and NXT air for just 2 hours. The writers have to create a script for these three shows every single week, and it could be a really daunting task to do so.


Sometimes the company will present an exciting angle whereas sometimes they would just repeat something from the past. In order to make feuds more interesting and personal, The WWE is also known for making fake relations between wrestlers as well.


There have been many instances when the company would present someone as a wrestler's fake dad/sister/brother etc. However, there’s no need to mention that these relationships were not real.


Examples of these date back to Ryan Shamrock being presented as the kayfabe sister of attitude era superstar Ken Shamrock to the most recent instance of Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan. The company presented a storyline in which Jordan is Angle’s long lost son. But, this storyline flopped badly because everyone knew it was a lie.


However, a few years ago, when social media wasn’t a trend and fans couldn't dig out facts from the internet, the WWE was able to work with these type of storylines.


In this article, we explore the 'wrestling dads' angle in particular and take a look at 5 wrestling dads added to the storylines who were completely fake.


#5 Eddie Guerrero And Dominic Gutierrez

Dominic is Mysterio's real son

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most iconic wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling. He hasn’t won a lot of championships in the WWE, but still, has left his mark on the business.


In 2005, 'Latino Heat' found himself involved in a storyline with fellow Mexican superstar Rey Mysterio where they feuded over legal custody of Mysterio's son Dominic.

Yes, it’s true that these two wrestlers fought with each other to get custody of a then-8-year old boy Dominic. Eddie claimed that he is the father of that boy and not Rey Mysterio.It was one of the most complex storylines in the WWE at the time because a majority of fans didn’t know the truth.

Mysterio won their encounter at SummerSlam and claimed rightful custody of Dominic.

It is interesting to note that Dominic has followed his father's footpath and is now a wrestler signed to WWE's blue brand.

#4 Waldo And Lance Von Erich

The Von Erich family

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, then you must have known about The Von Erich family. This is one of the most famous wrestling families (but not because of their wrestling).

It all started when Jack Adkisson started wrestling under the ring name Fritz Von Erich.

He died in 1968 from cancer and then his sons followed the same path. He had 6 sons and sadly, five of them died. Now, I am not going to explain about any of them here as it will ruin the flow of this article. However, Fritz's second son, Kevin Von Erich, survived and continued to wrestle for some years.

As we can see that this family was pretty big but still, Fritz decided to add more names to this family, and he even did it.

First, he introduced Waldo Von Erich as his brother, and then Lance as Waldo’s son. Both wrestlers played the role of father and son. At that time, the internet was not available to check if things were real or not and this is why everyone thought that it was real.


But, as I already told you, Waldo and Lance were not related to each other.

#3 Jack Swagger And Jack Swagger Sr

Jack Swagger junior and senior

Jack Swagger was an 'All-American' wrestler who found decent success with the WWE. He won the Money in the Bank ladder match (2010), the ECW championship and the coveted World heavyweight Championship during his stay with the company.

Despite finding early success, Swagger soon found himself dropping to mid-card status. He requested his realease from the WWE and tried his luck in the independent wrestling scene for a while before being signed up by WWE's rival brand AEW, where he wrestles under the name Jack Hager.

During Jack's short stint with the WWE, the company tried multiple things to make him a successful wrestler and more relatable to the WWE universe. At one point, the WWE introduced his father, Jack Swagger Sr. who was a wrestler from the '90s.

However, this isn’t true as Swagger’s kayfabe dad was James Golden, who wrestled for many wrestling promotions in the past, including in WCW as Bunkhouse Buck.


Swagger Sr also boasts of the unique distinction of being chokesalmmed by Kane during his brief stint with the company.

#2 Paul Bearer And Kane

Paul was a great manager

An Attitude Era fan would never forget about Kane and Paul Bearer. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that this was one of the strangest careers in the history of the company. He once played the role of dentist Isaac Yankem.

But then the company saw something in him and completely changed his character and made him Kane. He debuted against his kayfabe brother The Undertaker and cost him the match against Shawn Michaels at Badd Blood.

The WWE showed that Paul Bearer is Kane’s dad, but it’s not actually true. Bearer was just the manager of the Undertaker and Kane, and there was nothing more between these two superstars. They are half-brothers in the WWE but are good friends in real life.

Bearer has a fair share in making the feud between The Undertaker and Kane what it was. His eerie promos and strange persona on the whole helped launch a rivalry that gave us some classic bouts for well over a decade.


Bearer is a WWE Hall of Famer in his own right.

#1 Lil Naitch and Ric Flair

He is actually a referee

Ric Flair is one of the most amazing wrestlers of all time. He is widely famous for his wrestling style. His daughter Charlotte has also made a name for herself in the WWE and is enjoying tremendous success in the company.

Everyone knows this, right?

But what we don’t know is that Ric once had a doppelganger named "Little Naitch" in WCW. What’s more interesting is that almost every fan would think that Little Naitch was Flair's son because of how similar the two of them looked at the time.

However, the truth is that Little Naitch's real name is Charles Robinson. Robinson is a big fan of Flair, and he modeled himself to look exactly like the 2-time Hall Of Famer. The WCW used Charles in multiple storylines involving Ric Flair.

In case Charles' face seems familiar, it is because you have seen him multiple times in a squared circle in a different capacity. He is a tenured WWE referee who has been associated with the company for over two decades.

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