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There are several stars who have unfinished business with Roman Reigns

5 WWE Superstars who have unfinished business with Roman Reigns 

Roman Reigns has a target on his back as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and while he has been able to overcome several of the biggest threats in the company, there are a few who he could be forced to face again.

Reigns has only lost matches via disqualification or had them end as a No Contest since 2019, and is unpinned since TLC in December that year. That being said, there were a few stars who came up short in controversial circumstances and now either believe they deserve a rematch or have grounds to claim one.


The following list looks at just five current and former WWE Superstars who have unfinished business with Roman Reigns.

#5. Finn Balor was betrayed by a rope

Finn Balor faced off against Roman Reigns back at Extreme Rules in 2021 and even brought back The Demon to up the ante against the most powerful star in WWE. Many believed that the inaugural Universal Champion would be able to overcome The Tribal Chief, but the ring itself begged to differ.

Balor was en route to victory via a Coup De Grace when the rope gave way and he was then pinned by Reigns instead. Video footage shows that it was a cameraman who cut the rope, though it was never explained why.


Balor later moved over to RAW and forgot about his strange encounter with The Head of the Table, but the WWE Universe hasn't forgotten and believes a rematch is in order.

#4. Goldberg believes he deserves a shot at Roman Reigns

Goldberg returned to WWE for a match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber earlier this year. The Hall of Famer traveled to Saudi Arabia only to come up short against the champion. However, he believes that he is still due a rematch.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Goldberg addressed his bout with Reigns while also teasing that there could be a rematch on the cards:

"It was great business, but it’s not how I want to go out. It doesn’t eat at me by any stretch of the imagination, but it eats at me, 100 percent. Roman and I were on a collision course for a long period of time. It never happened when it would have been the best, but to say anyone that beats me doesn’t deserve to have their a** kicked afterward, I’d be a liar if I said anything other than that.” (H/T: WrestleTalk)

#3. Seth Rollins holds a victory over The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins knows Roman Reigns better than any other star in the company at present, which is why he was able to get into his head at The Royal Rumble earlier this year. Rollins went so far as to revert to his Shield attire and entrance music for the match as a way to take Roman Reigns off his game.

His plan worked and he was able to pick up the DQ win when Reigns was unable to control his temper and stick to the five count. The two have since moved on to other storylines, but it's clear that there is unfinished business here, as the former Champion noted in a recent interview with Hindustan Times:

"I live inside his head (Reigns) rent free," Rollins said. "So whether or not he's champion after SummerSlam, there is definitely going to be another Rollins-Reigns match down the road. We have a lot of unfinished business, but most importantly, anytime you see Rollins versus Reigns on the marquee. You know there's gonna be money involved, you know it's gonna be big business. So when we get back to it, it's gonna be huge, it always will. This industry, this generation is ours for the last ten years now. And so time is near to get this one." (H/T: TheSportster)

#2. Randy Orton was sidelined by The Bloodline

UPDATE: @SuperKingofBros and @RandyOrton are undergoing medical evaluation following #TheBloodline's vicious attack on #SmackDown.

Randy Orton hasn't been seen on WWE TV for several weeks after the former 14-time World Champion was attacked by The Bloodline. Orton was already struggling with injuries by that point and has since been sidelined by the attack. He will reportedly be out of action until 2023.


The Viper was set to wrestle The Tribal Chief at SummerSlam, but given his injury status, Brock Lesnar was called in as a replacement. Lesnar and Reigns will now face off in a Last Man Standing Match.

It will be interesting to see if WWE circles back to Reigns vs. Orton when the star is able to make his return to the company, or if the attack will be forgotten by then.

#1. The Rock was booed out of the building because of Roman Reigns

The Rock and Roman Reigns have been on a collision course for several years. One of the worst-kept secrets in WWE is the fact that the culmination of this storyline will see the two men face off at WrestleMania.

The duo first shared screen time back at The Royal Rumble in 2015. Reigns won the match and celebrated his victory alongside The Great One, but was booed out of the building.

The Rock definitely hasn't forgotten about the reception he received because of his cousin, and seven years later, the former Champion could bring this into their eventual storyline on WWE TV.

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