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The New Day have brought plenty of positivity to the WWE Universe

7 current WWE Superstars who've completely revitalized their careers

For several WWE superstars, a loss of momentum or bad booking doesn’t always indicate their career trajectory in the long run. Yes, indeed! Some of your favorite wrestlers may have taken an L in the past, but as of 2022, they’ve managed to bounce back!

And while that Big Sean reference may have been a little dated, you can rest your sweet soul that this listicle certainly isn’t. Here are seven current WWE Superstars who've completely revitalized their careers.


#7. From hug life to the ultimate Karen, Here's Bayley!

#WWETheBump Presents: The Verbal Stylings of @itsBayleyWWE

She's the current #1 contender for Bianca Belair's Raw Women's Title. She's the captain of Damage CTRL, and as of now, she still holds the record for the longest reign as SmackDown Women's Champion at a whopping 380 days.

If you didn't know by now, this description belongs to the woman known simply to the wrestling world as... BAYLEY!


Though she gained a massive amount of popularity during the hug life era, her momentum quickly died down circa 2017. While her feud with Alexa Bliss didn't garner much of a negative reaction back then, Bayley was booked to look like a chump during this time.

Bayley managed to slightly recover over time as a face, but her heel turn in 2019 was unquestionably the right call for her career in retrospect.

#6. From lackluster crowd receptions to The All Mighty, Bobby Lashley!



The All Mighty's first main roster debut dates back all the way to 2005. Long story short: he was booked to look like a beast then and he's still booked like a beast to this very day.


It's no secret that Lashley isn't everyone's cup of tea in regards to promo skills, but with his physique and wrestling skills, he managed to gain quite a bit of popularity during his first stint with the company.

The crowd popped in a big way upon his return in 2018. But his momentum was soon stunted by a number of bad storylines and his aforementioned inability to produce anything worth listening to on the microphone.

Then, Bobby and MVP joined forces. Bobby Lashley as the silent force of destruction and MVP as the mouthpiece. Though The Hurt Business is no more, the current United States Champion no longer hears crickets when he enters an arena. Instead, he's typically met with great adoration.

#5. From golden-haired goddess to the main attraction, Mandy Rose!

Check out @WWE_MandyRose's recent interview with @ryansatin where she opens up about character growth in #WWENXT, Toxic Attraction and more! apple.co/3LxfHLq

Mandy Rose's main roster debut kicked off in 2017 when she aligned herself with Sonya Deville and AEW's newest signee, Paige. Together, the trio established themselves as Absolution. A stable so dangerous the entire Raw Women's locker room (heels and faces, alike) was forced to stand against it.

All seemed kosher until Paige went down with an injury in December of that year. Thereafter, she managed Deville and Rose before the two broke off together on their own. As a two-woman team, Fire and Desire proved to be a formidable duo, despite never winning the WWE Women's Tag Team titles.

Then came Otis. Not the big mean jerk you see today, but the lovable oaf with the hots for Mandy Rose. The two were an on-screen romantic fling for a cup of coffee in 2020, but after that died down, so too did Mandy's buzz.

She briefly teamed up with Dana Brooke, but this stable didn't quite catch on the way her previous ones did. Luckily, Rose found a way to reinvent herself as the leader of Toxic Attraction.


#4, #3 & #2. From a trio of mid-carders stuck in Nowheresville to arguably the greatest tag team in WWE history, The New Day!

"The #NewDay are champions once again!”

#SmackDown, 9/12/17

@TrueKofi @AustinCreedWins @WWEBigE

Don't you dare be sour! Clap for one of the greatest tag teams of all time and feel the power!

It's hard to believe that Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E were initially not well received among the majority of the WWE Universe, but it's true. When the stable first came to be in 2014, they were intended to be babyfaces.

Alas, this didn't stop the WWE Universe from booing them out of almost every arena they wrestled in despite their upbeat persona and preaching about the power of positivity.

This would all change when the three-man squad turned heel in 2015. As it turned out, all these three superstars needed was a little change in attitude and the WWE Universe was hooked.

Fast forward to the present time and The New Day has gone on to become arguably the greatest tag team in all of WWE.

#1. From The Irish Lass Kicker to The Man, here's the one and only, Becky Lynch!

It’s been one helluva year.

2016 seems so long ago, but The Irish Lass Kicker was killing it on SmackDown Live back then. She became the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion, effectively establishing herself as the face of her brand's division.


It's crazy how things can change in a span of less than a year.

Fast forward to 2017 and Lynch finds herself sitting in the catering area with all the other underutilized superstars on the roster. Sadly, these were oh-so troubling times to be a Becky fan.

But just like the title of a familiar One Direction song, those days are history. SummerSlam 2018 marked the end of The Lass Kicker era and the prelude to The Man.

That night, a frustrated Becky Lynch attacked her former ally, Charlotte Flair, as a result of failing to recapture the WWE SmackDown Women's title. This action was meant to indicate a heel turn for Lynch. However, the fans didn't see it that way, as evident by the cheers.

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