Dasha returned to the ring.

AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 2 Results - Dasha Gonzalez makes in-ring return, WWE Hall of Famer's daughter debuts 

  • Night two of AEW's Tag Team Tournament had some big moments, including the in-ring return of Dasha!
  • The semi-final matches of the tournament are now set, and they will happen next week.
Lennard Surrao
Modified 11 Aug 2020, 05:47 IST

Night 2 of AEW's Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament, also known as The Deadly Draw, kicked off with the formation of Big Swole and Nicole Savoy's team, collectively known as Big & Lil' Swole.

The first match of the AEW tournament was between the teams of Big & Lil' Swole and Rache Chanel & Leva Bates.


#1. Leva Bates & Rache Chanel vs. Big & Lil Swole - AEW's The Deadly Draw Quarter-finals Match

Savoy and Chanel kicked off the match with a few arm drags and trips in a bid to get the early advantage.

Savoy began to work on Chanel's right arm as she looked for the armbar. Chanel slithered out of the hold and tagged Bates in. Savoy wasn't focussed on the game plan and attacked Chanel on the outside. Big Swole had to intervene as she picked Savoy up, brought up around and the ring tagged herself in.

Swole and Bates continued the match in the ring. Swole was on top of Bates as she knocked her down with a shoulder block followed by a kick to the face.

Big & Lil Swole worked in tandem to take Bates down. A distraction from Peter Avalon tipped the scales in the favor of the heels.


Bates and Chanel kept Savoy in the corner. Chanel connected with an excellent running knee that had quite a snap to it. Savoy mounted a comeback as she took Chanel out with the T-Bone suplex.

Big Swole got into the match, and she enjoyed some dominance before being taken out by a spear from Bates.


Leva Bates had Swole in a pinfall, which would have easily crossed three, but the referee's attention was on the brawl between Chanel and Savoy. Once Chanel was sent crashing out of the ring, Big & Lil Swole hit Bates with a double team move to get the three-count.

Result - Big & Lil Swole def. Leva Bates & Rache Chanel


The next match of the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament had the in-ring return of AEW interviewer Dasha Gonzalez, who last wrestled Drake Maverick's wife Renee Michelle in 2019 at the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Blizzard Brawl Event. Dasha teamed up with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering's daughter, Rachael Ellering, who was making her AEW debut.

#2. Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Dasha & Rachael Ellering - AEW's  The Deadly Draw Quarter-finals Match

Dasha and Ivelisse got the match underway. Albeit the sloppiness, the AEW presenter looked decent during the early exchanges as she took Ivelisse down before executing a kip-up. The ring rust wasn't all that evident. 

Ellering and Diamante were tagged in, and Rachael looked great as she swiftly laid out her opponent. Dasha got back in and delivered a Cartwheel splash on Diamante. Ivelisse tagged herself in and unleashed her mean streak with a furious mud stomp on Dasha in the corner.

Ivelisse followed it up with a snap suplex into a bridge pinfall. Dasha kicked out but got caught in a lotus lock. 

Ivelisse and Diamante continued to punish Dasha. Diamante and Ivelisse were in control as they wore Dasha down. The AEW interviewer finally created some separation before making the hot tag to Ellering, who came in and put together a wile flurry of attacks.

Ellering hit a big leg drop from the middle rope, but her feet were under the rope during the pinfall. The time wasted to readjust was enough for Diamante to break up the pin.

Dasha and Diamante were in the middle of the ring as Dasha got hit with a huge stunner. Dasha sold the stunner like a pro.

The finish was Ivelisse getting tagged in, and she hit the Sunset Flip Powerbomb on Dasha for the pinfall.

Result: Evelisse & Diamante def. Dasha & Rachael Ellering

The Nightmare Sisters will take on Big & Lil Swole in the first semi-finals while the second semi-finals of the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament will see Anna Jay and Tay Conti face Evelisse and Diamante. 

The third episode of the ongoing AEW tourney will air next Monday on YouTube.

Published 11 Aug 2020, 05:47 IST