'This WWE RAW segment was quite entertaining

Byron Saxton reveals 'worst' WWE RAW segment involving 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

  • This WWE RAW segment also caused 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to apologize publicly.
  • He had accidentally hit Byron Saxton with a low blow.
Shruti Sadbhav
Modified 10 Aug 2020, 14:30 IST

WWE RAW commentator Byron Saxton recently appeared on the After The Bell podcast, hosted by his SmackDown counterpart, Corey Graves. During their conversation, Saxton recalled his segment with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin on WWE RAW and revealed the worst yet lesser-known details about the incidents that unfolded inside the ring.

Back in March, Stone Cold made an appearance on WWE RAW to celebrate the 3:16 Day. Saxton briefly featured in the WWE legend's celebratory segment and was on the receiving end of The Texas Rattlesnake's signature boot and Stunner.


Byron Saxton on what happened on WWE RAW that night

While talking about the incident on WWE RAW, Byron Saxton revealed that he was extremely careful about selling the Stunner in the right manner. He was also anxious about drinking beer because he doesn't drink otherwise.

Saxton then revealed that during the segment, Stone Cold missed one beer that directly hit the commentator in the face as he was lying down in the middle of the ring. Labelling it as the worst part of that WWE RAW segment, Saxton said:

"[The beer is] like dripping all over the place. All of a sudden, boom, there's The Stunner. Bam! And then, of course, if you watch back the video, you'll see that the initial kick was a little low into the discos. I got the kick; I got The Stunner, I'm laying there. Stone Cold comes by, 'ah, sorry kid.' Proceeds to drink some more but, see, everyone's like, 'oh my gosh Saxton got hit there.' Which hurt, but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was when RAW went off the air, and I think I had a total of, like, three or four Stunners between Stone Cold and Becky Lynch, and a couple happened off-air."
"And, at one point, Stone Cold's catching more beer cans. Well, I'm laying in the centre of the ring, and he misses the beer can, and boom, [the can] gets me right in the face. That was the worst part of it all because I ended up having a black eye afterwards. I kind of gingerly turn my body over, like, oh my gosh. This is so cool, but it hurts so bad, and then afterwards, of course, my suit is drenched. It smells like beer, and I call my mom." (H/T WrestlingInc)

This wasn't the only noteworthy occurrence during this particular WWE RAW segment featuring Stone Cole and Byron Saxton. During their encounter, Stone Cold accidentally hit Saxton with a low blow. The latter took the blow like a champ, and Stone Cole apologised to him publicly on Twitter after the show went off-air

Published 10 Aug 2020, 06:15 IST