Vince McMahon and Mark Henry

Mark Henry reveals incredible thing that Vince McMahon did that only a "president" can do

  • Henry said that even mayors and governors wouldn't get this treatment.
  • The WWE Hall of Famer revealed the time when Vince McMahon was given a president's treatment.
Nishant Jayaram
Modified 08 Apr 2020, 11:52 IST

Vince McMahon is a person with a lot of power. He is a billionaire who still runs the show in his company at the age of 74, and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. The WWE Chairman seems to have a lot of sway outside the ring as well by the looks of things.

According to wwe latest news, Hall of Famer Mark Henry narrated an incident that happened a few years ago where McMahon brought the city of New York to a standstill when WWE were to have a show at Madison Square Garden. While speaking to Heavy, Henry said that such treatment is reserved just for Presidents - and Vince McMahon.

"I remember 2012 or '13, we were wrestling at Madison Square Garden and Vince had went around the wrong way to come into the building and they stopped the traffic on 34th Street and let Vince turn around his Bentley around in the street and drive head-on into the traffic and turn the wrong way down another street to turn into the Garden. I said man everybody can't do that! They won't do that for any athletes or celebrities. They wouldn't do it for mayors. They probably won't do it for a governor. Only a president can get that type of treatment – Vince McMahon! And he just burst out laughing."

Henry revealed what he called McMahon after this incident, which the WWE Chairman happily accepted, and Henry called this one of his "proudest moments"

"I said to him, 'You a G ain't you?' he said, 'Yeah I'm a G." I got him to say that he's a G And that was one of my proudest moments!'"

McMahon is someone that wields a lot of powers, not just because he's a billionaire and Chairman of the most popular and biggest wrestling promotion in the world, but also because he has political connections.

His wife Linda McMahon, is a politician who is currently a part of the Donald Trump administration and is the Chairwoman of America First Action. Vince McMahon has a good relationship with US President Donald Trump, and Trump and McMahon were also involved in a feud over a decade ago.

The WWE Chairman was also invited to a meeting held by Donald Trump involving heads of several sports bodies in the US, where the coronavirus pandemic was discussed. The US President reportedly said in this meeting that he expects sports to be played in front of fans by August or September this year.

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Published 07 Apr 2020, 06:49 IST