Becky Lynch mentioned Conor McGregor on WWE's The Bump.

Becky Lynch name-drops Conor McGregor on WWE show

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SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch was on WWE's The Bump this week, which also featured WWE Champion Big E and NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Lynch spoke about her 26-second SummerSlam encounter with Bianca Belair and why she initially declined the rematch with Belair on SmackDown.

The popular star stated that since the rematch challenge was issued quite soon after SummerSlam, she was not completely ready for it. Lynch mentioned Conor McGregor and questioned whether or not the fellow Irishman would take a fight on such short notice.


The Man continued, saying that her matches have a big fight feel to them, and she did not want to give it all away without a proper buildup.

“Would you expect Conor McGregor to take a fight on an hour’s notice? No. He needs his training camp. He needs his fight camp. I needed my fight camp. I didn't have my fight camp. You know what I’m saying? I call the shots. I say when I’m gonna have my match. Because when I fight, it’s a big event. It’s a big event. I don’t want to throw that away willy-nilly. I need to give people time to tune in. It was me being a man of the people. Giving them time to get hyped, get excited and not just dropping it on them at a second’s notice,” Lynch stated.
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8:26 AM · Sep 15, 2021

Becky Lynch feels Bianca Belair is her fan

Bianca Belair witnessed Becky Lynch's return up close during SummerSlam in front of a capacity crowd at the Allegiant Stadium.


The SmackDown Women's Champion has also claimed that her rival was starstruck to see her return. She attributed Belair's title loss to the latter being starry-eyed and losing composure when their match started at the pay-per-view.

You can watch the Champion's Edition of WWE's the Bump here:

Do you agree with Becky Lynch? Was she thinking of the WWE Universe when she initially denied Bianca Belair a championship rematch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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